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[Today, 5:22am] SpwnX: just let 1.6 go

[Today, 2:51am] Blockmaster139: No, 1.6 is *super* dead

[Today, 2:49am] Blockmaster139: 1.6 is dead

[Today, 2:38am] Dave: Hey guys, I will really like if someone please fix EU - reader for 1.6.4

[Today, 2:12am] CubeWrench202: The mining laser is horrible :P , i just change some colors

[Today, 2:12am] CubeWrench202: Thanks :3

[Today, 12:45am] Blockmaster139: That Nano Saber doesn't look too bad, nice combination of the old and new textures

[Yesterday, 11:20pm] imer: And everything moved over

[Yesterday, 11:14pm] imer: Wiki is moved

[Yesterday, 11:05pm] imer: Strangely it is, down to about 200ms load time from 700ms, just moved the blog over

[Yesterday, 11:00pm] Chocohead: It feels faster, or is that me?

[Yesterday, 10:58pm] imer: (tell me if anything broke)

[Yesterday, 10:57pm] Chocohead: gg imer

[Yesterday, 10:56pm] imer: Aaand the forum is back.

[Yesterday, 9:05pm] CubeWrench202: And here the mining laser

[Yesterday, 9:03pm] CubeWrench202: Uh?No,the nano saber ._.

[Yesterday, 8:52pm] HanakoCZ: Empty world?

[Yesterday, 8:41pm] CubeWrench202: What you think ?,obc5dJt,eX9jx82

[Yesterday, 8:21pm] monokei: I think Universal Fluid Cell doesn't work in the GT assembling machine. That's quite inconvinient. More details in GT thread, if anyone can answer, thanks

[Yesterday, 8:16pm] Blockmaster139: Shift right click the canning machine with the cell

[Yesterday, 7:16pm] Shadeeri: hmmm okies so it just doesnt accept water from buckets and cells... thanks again. (have to use the pump)

[Yesterday, 7:08pm] Shadeeri: looks like maybe its a bug?

[Yesterday, 6:56pm] Shadeeri: odd... it is excepting all of it but isnt running and I got power to it...

[Yesterday, 6:37pm] Shadeeri: oh thanks so much

[Yesterday, 6:28pm] Chocohead: Macerate the plantballs into bio chaff, and put that in a canning machine in fluid enrich mode with some water

[Yesterday, 6:25pm] Shadeeri: ah... how do i make the bio mass then? and thanks btw

[Yesterday, 6:19pm] Chocohead: Compressed plant balls were removed, along with compressed hydrated coal, and the other fuel making components.

[Yesterday, 6:14pm] Shadeeri: I am using ic2 1.7.10 exp and I can make compressed plant balls... any ideas?

[Yesterday, 6:13pm] Shadeeri: so I was hoping somebody could help me with something

[Yesterday, 5:34pm] Blockmaster139: :?

[Yesterday, 5:33pm] Chocohead: :|

[Yesterday, 5:26pm] KjrDoesminecraft: :(

[Yesterday, 5:26pm] KjrDoesminecraft: ;)

[Yesterday, 5:26pm] KjrDoesminecraft: :)

[Yesterday, 5:26pm] KjrDoesminecraft:

[Yesterday, 5:24pm] KjrDoesminecraft: Hi

[Yesterday, 12:07pm] Blockmaster139: With what?

[Yesterday, 11:12am] SilentNinja: can someone help?

[Oct 18th 2014, 5:23pm] VirMan: my contains of railcraft big version , bc pipes and else ;)

[Oct 18th 2014, 5:21pm] VirMan: compact :)

[Oct 18th 2014, 12:58pm] Blockmaster139:…e=Blast_Furnace

[Oct 18th 2014, 12:58pm] Blockmaster139: What do you guys think of my Blast Furnace setup? ;)

[Oct 18th 2014, 12:18pm] Blockmaster139: It's ~300 seconds per op

[Oct 18th 2014, 12:18pm] Blockmaster139: IC2, but nevermind since I figured it out

[Oct 18th 2014, 12:11pm] VirMan: railcraft or new ic2 ?

[Oct 18th 2014, 12:00pm] Blockmaster139: Anyone know how long one process of the Blast Furnace lasts? Need it for the wiki

[Oct 18th 2014, 10:10am] VirMan: workaround is to hook output of every stirling output to batery input (cesu can handle 2 ) so it cannot receive enrgy from other sources.

[Oct 18th 2014, 10:10am] VirMan: i wanted to report bug with styrling generators - combining outputs of those causes infinite energy loop - more you combine the more energy you get looped.

[Oct 18th 2014, 10:07am] VirMan: so - today again cannot register on mantis - i notices super short redirection message - but i'm not able to catch it. firebug does not help as it is redirection.

[Oct 18th 2014, 8:17am] VirMan: ;)

[Oct 18th 2014, 5:10am] lilianacordoba: g'd day

[Oct 18th 2014, 12:59am] MistrX: Potato :D

[Oct 18th 2014, 12:36am] VirMan: ok going to sleep (europe)

[Oct 18th 2014, 12:26am] VirMan: besides ocasional bad gateway

[Oct 18th 2014, 12:25am] VirMan: Invalid form security token. This could be caused by a session timeout, or accidentally submitting the form twice.

[Oct 18th 2014, 12:24am] VirMan: lemme paste it

[Oct 18th 2014, 12:01am] SpwnX: how broken is the bug tracker registration?

[Oct 18th 2014, 12:01am] Blockmaster139: If registration is broken report it in support section i guess

[Oct 17th 2014, 11:55pm] VirMan: also purge and disable for IC2:itemDynamite and IC2:blockDynamite does not work.

[Oct 17th 2014, 11:53pm] VirMan: Bugtracker registration is broken - cannot report dynamite explosion bug.

[Oct 17th 2014, 6:38am] Blaster: For anyone curious about Game Design, see the latest post on Blaster's Projects

[Oct 16th 2014, 3:31pm] CubeWrench202: It will be soon?

[Oct 16th 2014, 2:44pm] GregoriusT: It would just be the Java Operators + some additional Math Operators + a "sleep" Function + a short but limited amount internal variables (only 32 if you count the I/O too)

[Oct 16th 2014, 2:27pm] CubeWrench202: D

[Oct 16th 2014, 2:27pm] CubeWrench202: :

[Oct 16th 2014, 1:18pm] Blockmaster139: Oh joy, an evil programming language for an evil programmer :D

[Oct 16th 2014, 1:06pm] GregoriusT: That Language is planed as just a bunch of Operators and Variables, nothing fancy. And even though I did consider Brainfuck, it is not gonna be THAT one.

[Oct 16th 2014, 11:43am] NDospark320: Those are some f#cking languages: Befunge, Piet, NULL, HQ9+, Ook!, 아희, FiM++, and so many.

[Oct 16th 2014, 6:04am] Blaster: And now productivity is completely gone. Smash 4 + ORAS demo code :D

[Oct 16th 2014, 1:12am] master801: I'd like to see that programming language some day, Greg.

[Oct 16th 2014, 1:11am] master801: Lul

[Oct 16th 2014, 1:09am] Blockmaster139: Okay I lied malbolge is worse

[Oct 16th 2014, 1:02am] Blockmaster139: Brainfuck or bust :P

[Oct 16th 2014, 12:34am] xbony2: Perhaps you could consider malbolge, it's very, uh, easy to learn but still powerful.

[Oct 16th 2014, 12:31am] xbony2: FORTH stinks imo. It's like an esoteric language, but without the fun.

[Oct 16th 2014, 12:21am] Blockmaster139: huehuehue

[Oct 16th 2014, 12:16am] xbony2: if ya know what I mean :p

[Oct 16th 2014, 12:12am] xbony2: Do it greg :p BonerOS shall rise

[Oct 15th 2014, 11:51pm] Blockmaster139: But overall, if you take Gregtech as a complete mod, the 1.7 version is much more refined, complex, and interesting

[Oct 15th 2014, 11:51pm] Blockmaster139: Also 1.7 Gregtech has changes to vanilla and other mods which people don't like

[Oct 15th 2014, 11:50pm] Blockmaster139: Nostalgia

[Oct 15th 2014, 11:37pm] CubeWrench202: Greg,i don't try gregtech yet because my computer is so bad,but why people says that 1.4.7 Gregtech was better than the 1.7.10 Gregtech?

[Oct 15th 2014, 11:09pm] GregoriusT: But right now it is just plans. Nothing really implemented.

[Oct 15th 2014, 11:09pm] GregoriusT: And since Punch Cards are cheap (2 Paper, some Glue and Ink) and stackable, making an own OS running in background might be doable.

[Oct 15th 2014, 11:07pm] GregoriusT: Just containing the basic Java Operators and some special ones, no fancy Functions or things like that, unless you write your own OS with Utility Functions

[Oct 15th 2014, 11:04pm] GregoriusT: Ahhh FORTH, the good old Language of Redpower Computers. I might try making something somewhat close to that with Punch Cards and stuff.

[Oct 15th 2014, 10:45pm] xbony2: nice

[Oct 15th 2014, 9:35pm] Blockmaster139:…-modpack.52790/

[Oct 15th 2014, 9:35pm] Blockmaster139: So guys, my modpack has been released :D

[Oct 15th 2014, 9:26pm] CubeWrench202: Funky locomotion by RWTema,Framez by Amadornes...

[Oct 15th 2014, 9:26pm] CubeWrench202: Remain in motion?Man,you have better option to frames...

[Oct 15th 2014, 9:00pm] DoomFruit: couldn't decide whether Forth was better or not

[Oct 15th 2014, 8:59pm] DoomFruit: quite often I find myself raging at CC and absolutely hating Lua

[Oct 15th 2014, 8:59pm] DoomFruit: ah, Forth

[Oct 15th 2014, 8:58pm] Chocohead: Or FORTH Computers. Or all the other strange things you could do with Redpower's stuff

[Oct 15th 2014, 8:56pm] DoomFruit: so I can't make my flying frame roadbuilder machine

[Oct 15th 2014, 8:56pm] DoomFruit: and there's still nothing that does what the assembler did

[Oct 15th 2014, 8:56pm] DoomFruit: we have Project Red for circuits/cables, Remain in Motion for frames and possibly TE or Ender IO for cabling, but they're not quite at the same level as RP2 was (except perhaps for frames)

[Oct 15th 2014, 8:55pm] DoomFruit: it's also interesting how after nearly 2 years, RP2's functionality still hasn't been completely replicated (as far as I know)

[Oct 15th 2014, 8:35pm] Chocohead: Look how nice redpower looked... Shame it'll never go on past that point

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