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[Today, 2:35am] Blaster: Its seems to be saving whatever I post to (possibly temp memory) and displaying it in a way similar to a username/ password selection if you choose "remember password"

[Today, 2:32am] SpwnX: I don't know about that

[Today, 2:17am] Blaster: Also, it would appear that Firefox thinks the text window for the shoutbox is a Username/Password entry point

[Today, 2:16am] Blaster: Tis sad but true

[Today, 2:07am] SpwnX: or are just non-engaged players

[Today, 2:06am] SpwnX: most are seemingly spambots i think

[Today, 2:02am] Blockmaster139: It's wierd how many new users it gets but noone adds anything xD

[Today, 1:59am] SpwnX: i think retep is working, but the FTB one, which may eventually get copypasted and adapted to the IC2 wiki

[Today, 1:59am] SpwnX: other than choco, me, you and blaster? i don't know.

[Today, 1:52am] Blockmaster139: Anyone else working on the wiki? :P

[Today, 1:51am] Blockmaster139: Hayo!

[Today, 1:46am] SpwnX: hayo everyone!

[Today, 1:25am] Blockmaster139: Praise the spambox! \o/

[Today, 1:24am] mrwoodof2: hi?

[Today, 1:18am] xbony2: wah

[Today, 12:01am] Blaster: For the time being, yes

[Yesterday, 11:55pm] Blockmaster139: So this is a thing now? o_O

[Yesterday, 11:55pm] Blaster: FYI, lattest review is live

[Yesterday, 10:16pm] imer: Yeah, dont worry about it

[Yesterday, 10:04pm] CrazyCrafter: if you minimize the shoutbox, it respects that setting when you reload the page, so it shouldn't be too bad

[Yesterday, 10:03pm] CrazyCrafter: I've noticed no change

[Yesterday, 9:58pm] Chocohead: I meant the main page load times :S

[Yesterday, 9:55pm] CrazyCrafter: lol :P

[Yesterday, 9:55pm] CrazyCrafter: it's only on the main page

[Yesterday, 9:42pm] Chocohead: How would the shoutbox affect page load times?

[Yesterday, 9:34pm] imer: Okay lol

[Yesterday, 9:33pm] GregoriusT: forget that Idea

[Yesterday, 9:32pm] GregoriusT: How about changing the Position of the Shoutbox to be on bottom?

[Yesterday, 9:27pm] Chocohead: There's a character limit of 200, and only 1 post every 5 seconds. So it'll be a slow flame war

[Yesterday, 9:27pm] imer: If it doesnt work out I'll remove it again

[Yesterday, 9:27pm] imer: I have it in a bunch of other forums and its more convenient then hopping on irc (or using web clients *shudders*) - so yeah, just trying it out

[Yesterday, 9:26pm] CrazyCrafter: This'll be great for the next flamewar coming over from reddit

[Yesterday, 9:26pm] CrazyCrafter: Of course, how could I forget

[Yesterday, 9:26pm] Chocohead: Because shouting is the best way of communicating

[Yesterday, 9:25pm] CrazyCrafter: Why?

[Yesterday, 9:18pm] Blaster: Well... This is new...

[Yesterday, 9:15pm] imer: :Solar Panel:

[Yesterday, 9:14pm] imer: the time one

[Yesterday, 9:14pm] imer: the limit should be disabled for mods and such though

[Yesterday, 9:14pm] imer: currently 200 characters per message, one message every 5s

[Yesterday, 9:13pm] Chocohead: Is there a limit to the length of shoutbox posts? Like normal ones have a limit of 10000 characters

[Yesterday, 9:12pm] GregoriusT: then change the order

[Yesterday, 9:11pm] imer: yeah, looks like it takes the first smiley it can find

[Yesterday, 9:11pm] imer: that should be all of them :o

[Yesterday, 9:11pm] imer: :Iridium: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Uranium: :Uranium Ingot: :Tin Ingot: :Refined Iron: :Copper Ingot: :HV-Transformer: :Glass Fibre: :Wind Mill: :Water Mill: :Geothermal Generator: :Solar Panel: :Generator: :Induction Furnace: :Superfuel: :Bio Fuel: :Fuel: :Force Field: :Extractor: :Electric Furnace: :Sticky Dynamite: :Dynamite Remote: :Tesla Coil: :Tin Can: :Trade-O-Mat: :Wrench: :Dynamite: :Terraformer: :Tin Dust: :Teleporter: :Iron Dust: :OD Scanner: :Gold Dust: :Nano Saber: :Rubber Trampoline: :Copper Dust: :Coal Dust: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Boots: :Bronze Dust: :Mining Drill: :Rubber: :Resin: :Diamond Drill: :Cutter: :Recycler: :Reactor: :Compressor: :Industrial Diamond: :Nano-Helmet: :Industrial Credit: :Coal Chunk: :Nano-Bodyarmor: :Bronze Helmet: :Compressed Coal Ball: :Compressed hyd. Coalclump: :Bronze Leggings: :Bronze Boots: :Coalball: :Electronic Circuit: :Bronze Chestplate: :Composite Armor: :Mobile Charger: :Chainsaw: :Quantum-Boots: :Quantum-Leggings: :Water Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Quantum-Helmet: :Quantum-Bodyarmor: :Lava Cell: :Enriched Cell: :Compressed Plantball: :Plantball: :Empty Cell: :Energy Crystal: :Personal Safe:

[Yesterday, 9:10pm] Chocohead: A decent number of the icons work

[Yesterday, 9:10pm] imer: MinecraftChar MinecraftChicken MinecraftCreeper MinecraftCow MinecraftGhast MinecraftPig MinecraftZombieman MinecraftSheep MinecraftSkeleton MinecraftSlime MinecraftSpider MinecraftSquid MinecraftWolf MinecraftZombie MinecraftNotch :Advanced Circuit: :Advanced Furnace: :Refined Iron: :Advanced Machine: :Batbox: :Batpack: :Bronze Axe: :Bronze Sword: :Bronze Hoe: :Bronze Pickaxe: :Bronze Shovel: :RE Battery: :Cable: :Canning Machine: :Bio Cell: :Coolant Cell: :Coal Cell: :Depleted Cell: :Electrolyzed Water Cell: :Painter: :Tin Ore: :Copper Ore: :Uranium Ore: :Nuke TNT: :Mining Laser: :Mining Pipe :Miner: :MFS-Unit: :MFE-Transmitter: :EC Meter: :Metal Block: :Matter: :Macerator: :LV-Transformer: :Electric Jetpack: :Jetpack:

[Yesterday, 9:09pm] GregoriusT: 8)

[Yesterday, 9:08pm] Chocohead: :Superfuel:

[Yesterday, 9:08pm] GregoriusT: :Drill:

[Yesterday, 9:08pm] imer: well, technically it did

[Yesterday, 9:08pm] GregoriusT: no it doesnt

[Yesterday, 9:08pm] GregoriusT: :SolarPanel:

[Yesterday, 9:08pm] imer: i removed the smiley list though, since we have so many

[Yesterday, 9:07pm] GregoriusT: wow it works

[Yesterday, 9:07pm] GregoriusT: :Reactor:

[Yesterday, 9:07pm] imer: just a reactor smiley

[Yesterday, 9:07pm] GregoriusT: but what did he write?

[Yesterday, 9:07pm] imer: mhm, thats why it starts at 2

[Yesterday, 9:07pm] GregoriusT: oh nvm

[Yesterday, 9:06pm] GregoriusT: You mean Choco?

[Yesterday, 9:06pm] imer: I had a guest actually write something before I set up the permissions

[Yesterday, 9:05pm] Chocohead: That starts at 2

[Yesterday, 9:05pm] imer: Yeah, apparently

[Yesterday, 9:05pm] GregoriusT: (Bottom Left of Page)

[Yesterday, 9:05pm] GregoriusT: Oh this things has Archives

[Yesterday, 9:02pm] Chocohead: *Bang*

[Yesterday, 9:02pm] GregoriusT: Success

[Yesterday, 9:02pm] GregoriusT: Testing the Red Button

[Yesterday, 9:02pm] GregoriusT: I guess only moderators should use it in case it is a notification thingy

[Yesterday, 9:01pm] imer: exactly

[Yesterday, 9:01pm] GregoriusT: lol

[Yesterday, 9:01pm] GregoriusT: Kitchen Sales in London

[Yesterday, 9:00pm] imer: Well, except guests

[Yesterday, 9:00pm] Chocohead: What did you intend people would shout?

[Yesterday, 9:00pm] GregoriusT: So everyone can use that thing?

[Yesterday, 9:00pm] GregoriusT: I see

[Yesterday, 8:59pm] imer: I put a shoutbox type thing to see how it'd work out :p

[Yesterday, 8:59pm] Chocohead: It looks a lot more than nothing

[Yesterday, 8:58pm] imer: noothing

[Yesterday, 8:58pm] Chocohead: Imer, what did you do?

[Yesterday, 8:57pm] imer: Man this looks bad

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