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[Today, 4:30pm] GregoriusT: Crate Drops by Crowbar, done.

[Today, 4:25pm] SpwnX: if they're made of different wood

[Today, 4:24pm] SpwnX: although it would be great to see the crates differ on color

[Today, 4:24pm] SpwnX: a new type i mean

[Today, 4:23pm] SpwnX: crate wood ?

[Today, 4:23pm] GregoriusT: The Crate doesn't remmber the Wood it is made of

[Today, 4:23pm] GregoriusT: Oak? Spruce? Birch?

[Today, 4:22pm] GregoriusT: Even if it gives you back wood, which wood would it return?

[Today, 4:22pm] SpwnX: just some of it (you can recycle some of it even if you're stupid on opening them)

[Today, 4:22pm] SpwnX: well, i don't want the crate fully back

[Today, 4:21pm] GregoriusT: downside of compressing 16 Items into a Block

[Today, 4:21pm] GregoriusT: Crates are singleuse :P

[Today, 4:20pm] SpwnX: retrieve the content and some wood back, possibly the screws (or whatever the metal piece was used to make it)

[Today, 4:20pm] GregoriusT: Crowbar Rightclick

[Today, 4:19pm] SpwnX: i'd like to smash them in the world

[Today, 4:19pm] GregoriusT: But I have an Idea

[Today, 4:19pm] GregoriusT: to open

[Today, 4:19pm] SpwnX: ow, thats improductive

[Today, 4:19pm] GregoriusT: Crowbar in Crafting Grid

[Today, 4:19pm] GregoriusT: oh you mean that

[Today, 4:19pm] GregoriusT: Crowbar, but they dont require a Tool

[Today, 4:19pm] SpwnX: like, smash them with crowbar, drop all content

[Today, 4:19pm] GregoriusT: of placing a huge Cube of Crates.

[Today, 4:19pm] SpwnX: btw, crates inworld are easily dismantleable?

[Today, 4:18pm] GregoriusT: that would ruin the fun

[Today, 4:18pm] SpwnX: aww

[Today, 4:18pm] GregoriusT: nope

[Today, 4:18pm] SpwnX: can we have a crate that holds storage blocks :D ?

[Today, 4:18pm] GregoriusT: a Crate therefore has more explosion power technically

[Today, 4:17pm] GregoriusT: Well a Crate contains 16 items, a storage Block contains just 9.

[Today, 4:16pm] SpwnX: and said crates are cheaply made manually

[Today, 4:16pm] SpwnX: I wonder, is it really viable to play on a world without chests, just crates?

[Today, 4:16pm] GregoriusT: lol, those will be exploding implicitely, since all MetaBlocks use the same Code

[Today, 4:15pm] SpwnX: nothing more exciting than an exploding warehouse

[Today, 4:15pm] SpwnX: don't forget about crates that contain them

[Today, 4:13pm] GregoriusT: And then I need to add a Lightning Condition too, so that all Blocks within a strike, which happen to be explosive explode.

[Today, 4:11pm] GregoriusT: The Gunpowder Block will be fun. It is both a flammable Dust and an Explosive, and those two add up.

[Today, 4:08pm] GregoriusT: And the Forum is a little bit slow right now.

[Today, 4:08pm] GregoriusT: Since they are already Gravity affected

[Today, 4:07pm] GregoriusT: This ofcourse doesnt happen to Gravel and Sand Ores.

[Today, 4:06pm] GregoriusT: Got a great Idea: When Ore Blocks are mined they drop another Block that is just like that Ore Block but with Gravity (and a cobbleled Texture). Because why not!

[Today, 4:05pm] Mine_Sasha: That's... quite hardcore... Unless you have another mod that adds an alternative to the furnace and replaces all the cobble & stone recipes, this breaks the game ;P

[Today, 1:52pm] GregoriusT: since you can place Stone and Cobblestone using that Method

[Today, 1:52pm] GregoriusT: It needs something to stop the Cobble Generator from happening.

[Today, 1:51pm] GregoriusT: McGamer approves

[Today, 1:28pm] Lefty: that's quite a fun mod with gregtech :I

[Today, 1:07pm] Mine_Sasha: Wait, I just have a question about neutronium, in dust form, it's single neutrons ?

[Today, 12:46pm] Mine_Sasha: oh, reminds me of TAMI accelerator dust explosion, was pretty violent ^^

[Today, 12:37pm] GregoriusT: If Material is flammable and Block is Dust form then Explode when in contact with Fire.

[Today, 12:36pm] GregoriusT: That Flour thing reminds me on making Dust explosions, for certain Materials. The Dust Block in particular.

[Today, 11:38am] Max Shen: And chaff

[Today, 11:38am] Max Shen: By now, I've added pitchforks, stooks, straw, and wheat grain. No way to mill the wheat into flour yet, nor flour to bake into dough... yet

[Today, 11:33am] Mine_Sasha: SpwnX is like a cat, a house burning ? I don't care :3 , A nuclear bomb detonating ? I don't care :D :3

[Today, 11:32am] Mine_Sasha: Lol, gg :thumbsup:

[Today, 7:23am] Max Shen: Made a mod which adds flails. Break wheat blocks to get ~15-28 seeds. Very proud of myself :D

[Today, 3:32am] Max Shen: Java 8 also includes "lambda expressions" if you are tired of using anonymous classes for simple, one-time-use things.

[Today, 3:32am] SpwnX: I don't know, likely not

[Today, 3:19am] CubeWrench202: But in a NoobModder situation as i am, this doesn't affects to my or any other minecraft modder right?

[Today, 2:47am] SpwnX: and my opinion is "I don't care" :3

[Today, 2:26am] Chocohead: Depending on who you ask will get you differing opinions, but from what I can see, that's what happened.

[Today, 2:25am] Chocohead: It was really just asie trying to force a Java 8 dependancy to do stuff, and overriding Forge stuff in a private WIP mod called Nova, so Lex said he wanted to remove core mods from working in Forge.

[Today, 2:25am] Chocohead: It's complicated and has turned into people questioning Lex's running of Forge.

[Today, 2:19am] CubeWrench202: ?

[Today, 2:19am] CubeWrench202: Hi Greg and guys, so if i understand ok Lexmanos made drama because asie did something wrong with forge'

[Today, 12:11am] GregoriusT: Nothing really awesome has been found. I don't use Annotations that much, and removing the "<WhateverGeneric>" from some Functions is not really much of an improvement, but it is slightly better.

[Yesterday, 11:55pm] GregoriusT: Now to look up why Java 8 is "so awesome", because the only thing I know about recent Javas is, that Java 7 allows Strings in switch/case.

[Yesterday, 11:52pm] GregoriusT: And Lex, like many others, doesn't like it when Bullshit happens

[Yesterday, 11:52pm] GregoriusT: This ends up in that false information spreading and causing a lot of bullshit.

[Yesterday, 11:51pm] GregoriusT: When some Modders see in the Commits, that Java 8 is even mentioned, they immediately think they can use it if they want, without reading disclaimers or similar.

[Yesterday, 11:48pm] GregoriusT: Ofcourse asie just tried to prepare for the late 2015, when Java 8 is required, but changing the Forge-1.8 Branch would be wrong in that case. A Fork of Forge would be required to work on such things.

[Yesterday, 11:46pm] GregoriusT: And if Modders get the Idea they could just require Java 8, then this won't end well.

[Yesterday, 11:42pm] GregoriusT: Interessting. Lex is right, if Forge accidentially requires Java 8 because of some pull requests, then that is wrong. Forge is there for increasing compatibility not for kicking old Computers.

[Yesterday, 11:07pm] Chocohead: asie and Lex had a bitch fight about Java 8 (and other stuff) so had quit the team:

[Yesterday, 10:51pm] GregoriusT: What is happening to it?

[Yesterday, 10:12pm] Chocohead: Next drama has started. Poor Buildcraft.

[Yesterday, 7:32pm] EvGamer: Is anyone played Universe at War?

[Yesterday, 7:28pm] Mine_Sasha: mmmh...

[Yesterday, 7:28pm] Mine_Sasha: Actually, can we link star wars, star trek and stargate ?

[Yesterday, 7:27pm] Mine_Sasha: Ah, wait, the mod is not official, right ?

[Yesterday, 7:16pm] GregoriusT: including the Mod Stargate Empire at War

[Yesterday, 7:16pm] GregoriusT: including the Addon Forces of Corruption

[Yesterday, 7:16pm] GregoriusT: Yes, but not right now.

[Yesterday, 7:10pm] Mine_Sasha: And have you played Star Wars Empires at War ?

[Yesterday, 7:09pm] Mine_Sasha: Nice, wait, you won in less than 10 min ;o

[Yesterday, 6:47pm] GregoriusT: Seems I have won too fast. Then I will take over Mos Eisley again.

[Yesterday, 6:37pm] GregoriusT: I'll play a round of Star Wars Battlefront II in the meantime. XD

[Yesterday, 6:36pm] GregoriusT: Or that. :P

[Yesterday, 6:32pm] Mine_Sasha: Well, gonna PM you, better ^.^

[Yesterday, 6:32pm] Mine_Sasha: ^.^'

[Yesterday, 6:15pm] GregoriusT: gotten*

[Yesterday, 6:15pm] GregoriusT: You would have gooten your answer much faster if you asked your real Question rather than asking if you can ask a Question.

[Yesterday, 6:01pm] GregoriusT: Don't know, can you?

[Yesterday, 4:41pm] Mine_Sasha: modding question*

[Yesterday, 4:40pm] Mine_Sasha: Greg, can I ask you a mod question please ?

[Yesterday, 4:38pm] GregoriusT: I mean vertically large, like a List, not horizontally, like Garnet Sand

[Yesterday, 4:37pm] GregoriusT: Those Tooltips will be only visible with F3+H on. Since they are capable of getting really large.

[Yesterday, 4:36pm] GregoriusT: Since I did manual decimal Math on it instead of using that stupid Double Data Type for the Units.

[Yesterday, 4:34pm] GregoriusT: Precise meaning up to 3 digits behind the decimal point

[Yesterday, 4:34pm] GregoriusT: Also I improved the Itemstack Tooltips to contain the precise Amount of Material Units of each Material, instead of the old Elemental Tooltip. This also works with other Mods Items.

[Yesterday, 4:32pm] GregoriusT: And I got the Thaumcraft Aspect System back running with my new Material System.

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