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[Today, 7:53pm] Blaster: No, Bank transfer, I just needed another Landorus to get both forms

[Today, 5:37pm] Blockmaster139: You bought both versions yourself?

[Today, 5:37pm] Blockmaster139: lol

[Today, 10:01am] Blaster: THANKYOU!!!

[Today, 10:01am] Blaster: Landorus, please, I beg you. FOR THE LOVE OF ARCEUS, STAY IN THE F&@()!& BALL!!!

[Yesterday, 6:41pm] Manuepolis23: any idea on solving this?

[Yesterday, 1:03pm] xbony2: Actually don't :P

[Yesterday, 1:03pm] xbony2: Bug the mod author of Waila till he fixes it :P

[Yesterday, 12:44pm] Manuepolis23: is there a way to make the ic2 work with waila in 1.7.0?

[Yesterday, 12:22pm] GregoriusT: Now I know that last Button Kowalski pressed to turn off his invisible Invisibility Ray.

[Yesterday, 12:21pm] GregoriusT: I finally found out how an Inverted Dodecahedron looks like (and how it is properly spelled in order to find search results)

[Nov 24th 2014, 9:10pm] Aroma1997: that's why the turning blanks have 'blank' in their name...

[Nov 24th 2014, 9:00pm] Chocohead: oh, ok then

[Nov 24th 2014, 9:00pm] Aroma1997: cause the sticks are only a byproduct

[Nov 24th 2014, 8:59pm] Aroma1997: special kind of axles

[Nov 24th 2014, 8:59pm] Aroma1997: it does not have any use yet, but the Turning Blanks may or may not be used for axles

[Nov 24th 2014, 8:28pm] Chocohead: Then it's useless

[Nov 24th 2014, 8:28pm] Chocohead: Until all the 5s change to 1s

[Nov 24th 2014, 8:28pm] Chocohead: A wood block needing 6 planks and 3 sticks can randomly generate sticks

[Nov 24th 2014, 8:28pm] Chocohead: Although, the turning table does seem very pointless

[Nov 24th 2014, 8:19pm] Chocohead: Also Player's back reading the forums ;)

[Nov 24th 2014, 8:19pm] Chocohead: New build hype

[Nov 24th 2014, 3:01pm] MistrX: Moo.

[Nov 24th 2014, 3:01pm] MistrX: Moo.

[Nov 23rd 2014, 1:13pm] gollark8: Hello

[Nov 22nd 2014, 6:36pm] Chocohead: *insist

[Nov 22nd 2014, 6:36pm] Chocohead: Nuclear Control, why you insit in breaking :|

[Nov 22nd 2014, 5:04pm] LuxusDarkangel: crafting manager incompatibility

[Nov 22nd 2014, 4:17pm] LuxusDarkangel: it's caused by other mod

[Nov 22nd 2014, 4:16pm] SpwnX: and you can't turn that off

[Nov 22nd 2014, 4:16pm] SpwnX: those three recipes are BC quarry, forestry bronze and mekanism plates :P

[Nov 22nd 2014, 4:15pm] LuxusDarkangel: but if i use the entire modpack, it doesn't

[Nov 22nd 2014, 4:14pm] LuxusDarkangel: yup, but for example, whe i use gt and buildcraft, it changes the quarry recipe

[Nov 22nd 2014, 4:12pm] SpwnX: this page might help…&threadID=10901

[Nov 22nd 2014, 4:11pm] SpwnX: so you need to use minetweaker

[Nov 22nd 2014, 4:11pm] SpwnX: GT doesnt alter other mod recipes other than 3 recipes

[Nov 22nd 2014, 4:11pm] SpwnX: no

[Nov 22nd 2014, 4:09pm] LuxusDarkangel: hmm... ok, it looks like another mod dont let gt change the recipes

[Nov 22nd 2014, 3:57pm] LuxusDarkangel: or i need to enable it in any of the testaments from the cfg and i'm unable to find it?

[Nov 22nd 2014, 3:56pm] LuxusDarkangel: harder recipes from gt to bc and other mods no longer works in 1.7.10?

[Nov 22nd 2014, 3:56pm] LuxusDarkangel: spwnx, i need you D:

[Nov 21st 2014, 10:19am] Blaster: I know the Hoenn region, what do you want from me?

[Nov 21st 2014, 10:19am] Blaster: Taking it slow... 6 hours in, up to slateport, 3 of the 5 normal class ribbons, cleared first trick mansion and have already abused mechanics in the game (Grovile and Marshtomp)

[Nov 19th 2014, 7:52pm] Blaster: I'm going to the launch tonight, seeing as I'm going to try and get a timely review done for it (though a back up is ready just in case)

[Nov 19th 2014, 12:26pm] Blockmaster139: I have to wait until next week, which means I can wait for Battle Frontier/More Megas to be confirmed ;)

[Nov 19th 2014, 6:23am] Blaster: Welp... If you're want anything from me, don't expect to be getting it for some time after the 21. ORAS HYPE :D

[Nov 18th 2014, 12:02pm] SpwnX: I meant the mox fuel and enriched nuclear fuel which are dense radioactive materials. Anyway, there's one bug that allows radiradiation to be milk-removed.

[Nov 18th 2014, 9:44am] Chocohead: Alright then

[Nov 18th 2014, 9:39am] imer: Only hardware costs, and those are split too. I'd even say it barely costs me anything extra. (Since I kinda need the server for other stuff too)

[Nov 18th 2014, 9:37am] imer: @Chocohead: No, I bought the WBB 3 license back then and that was it

[Nov 18th 2014, 7:50am] ExDomino: hello

[Nov 18th 2014, 7:32am] GregoriusT: And yes I just watched that Movie, and it was Bullshit. But Batman was awesome.

[Nov 18th 2014, 7:30am] GregoriusT: It would be as stupid as a "Fusion Reactor" made by Wayne Enterprises, that explodes after Months due to instability of "not supposed to even extist" Radioactive Material.

[Nov 18th 2014, 7:10am] GregoriusT: I don't think so.

[Nov 18th 2014, 7:10am] GregoriusT: Or do you think that Uranium becomes more radioactive all of a sudden, just because of being filled into an Iron Cell?

[Nov 18th 2014, 7:10am] GregoriusT: There is absolutely NO reason to make Radioactive Fuel more deadly than enriched Radioactive Items. It would be stupid and unrealistic to do that.

[Nov 18th 2014, 4:16am] SpwnX: And i just noticed that the radiation timer is based on amount of radioactive crap in the inventory. Well, anything beyond 4 plutonium seems to be deadly.

[Nov 17th 2014, 11:51pm] SpwnX: rad II+ are too deadly, so leave it only for nuclear fuels.

[Nov 17th 2014, 11:28pm] SpwnX: by less deadly i mean the radiation strength.

[Nov 17th 2014, 9:32pm] SpwnX: then make it less deadly. You can't quite survive the radiation by eating "prussian blue" (reduces rad timer by 30s).

[Nov 17th 2014, 9:17pm] GregoriusT: Ahem, the System works similar to IC²s System, the Timer already increases over exposure. I did that BEFORE IC² did it.

[Nov 17th 2014, 6:08pm] SpwnX: Make it similar to IC2s (timer increases with exposure) and strength of radiation is not that powerful to kill you (unless you pick nuclear fuel)

[Nov 17th 2014, 6:08pm] SpwnX: btw greg, you might want to consider changing how radiation is applied with your stuff.

[Nov 17th 2014, 3:57pm] Chocohead: Oh, thought so, was really worried about that.

[Nov 17th 2014, 2:13pm] GregoriusT: No, I mean the missing space inside the Name of Chromium Dioxide, ofcourse.

[Nov 17th 2014, 2:02pm] Chocohead: Do you mean the arrows?

[Nov 17th 2014, 1:44pm] GregoriusT: I wonder if anyone reads the upcoming Changelog. I expected much more reaction from it considering what kind of Feature it is.

[Nov 16th 2014, 9:46pm] Chocohead: imer, are you actively paying to host the IC2 forums (software wise)?

[Nov 16th 2014, 8:44pm] imer: Upgrading for me would require a license upgrade, which i cant afford xurrently - wbb 4 is also still new so i'd still give it a while

[Nov 16th 2014, 8:43pm] imer: didnt upgrade anything - woltlab was updating theirs which was the message i copied in (their site was unavailable)

[Nov 16th 2014, 5:57pm] Aroma1997: yes, that might me true

[Nov 16th 2014, 5:42pm] SpwnX: configs dont change the ku/t of the kinetic wind only

[Nov 16th 2014, 5:10pm] Aroma1997: And I'm on something else ATM (Just waiting for textures)

[Nov 16th 2014, 4:59pm] Aroma1997: you can change the amount of energy per ku in the config file (I think)

[Nov 16th 2014, 4:10pm] SpwnX: and it earned a few disablements on some packs

[Nov 16th 2014, 4:09pm] SpwnX: ~100 EU/t from a carbon rotor seems excessive, ya know.

[Nov 16th 2014, 4:08pm] SpwnX: 1-4 EU/t for wood, 2-8 EU/t for iron, 4-16 EU/t for steel and 8-32 EU/t for carbon ?

[Nov 16th 2014, 4:08pm] SpwnX: so, make it generate somewhere around the 0-15 EU/t

[Nov 16th 2014, 4:08pm] SpwnX: the iron and steel ones also generate quite a bunch of energy anyways

[Nov 16th 2014, 4:07pm] SpwnX: it generate more than a nuclear reactor (the carbon one) ...

[Nov 16th 2014, 4:07pm] SpwnX: too much EU/t

[Nov 16th 2014, 3:55pm] Aroma1997: regarding what?

[Nov 16th 2014, 3:51pm] SpwnX: its a bit too powerful :P

[Nov 16th 2014, 3:51pm] Malinia: i already have it

[Nov 16th 2014, 3:51pm] SpwnX: hey aroma, would you be interested in modifying the wind kinetic gens power generation?

[Nov 16th 2014, 3:49pm] Malinia: hello

[Nov 16th 2014, 2:46am] SpwnX: poke binnie

[Nov 16th 2014, 1:22am] LuxusDarkangel: i suppose we'll need a fix from binnie...

[Nov 16th 2014, 1:22am] LuxusDarkangel: pd: there isn't any way to fix the load times of binnie's mods with GT?

[Nov 16th 2014, 1:06am] LuxusDarkangel: lot of but xD

[Nov 16th 2014, 1:05am] LuxusDarkangel: but it can be a problem with the infrastructure, as you said

[Nov 16th 2014, 1:04am] LuxusDarkangel: but this have some requeriments, chek it

[Nov 16th 2014, 1:04am] LuxusDarkangel: here you have another plugin that works similar

[Nov 16th 2014, 1:03am] LuxusDarkangel:…in-his-profile/

[Nov 16th 2014, 12:54am] Saddamo: we will get mountain of silver credits :-D

[Nov 16th 2014, 12:34am] Chocohead: So imer, was does updating the forum software actually mean for users? Do we get working emoticons? :P

[Nov 16th 2014, 12:27am] imer: Might be because woltlab is changing around their infrastructure so ill wait a little

[Nov 16th 2014, 12:27am] imer: Cant install the plugin - some stuff seems to be dead (An error occured: The download of the package de.joshsboard.timeBan has been failed. (HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently) (18009))

[Nov 16th 2014, 12:18am] SpwnX: hello

[Nov 15th 2014, 11:26pm] DriedCanadian: Hello

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