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[Today, 10:05pm] Chocohead: Amazing, better than any other mod's easter eggs. Even better than RichardG's crashing zombies for halloween

[Today, 9:37pm] Aroma1997: Here: have some easter eggs instead:

[Today, 9:36pm] Aroma1997: It's first of april and as every date that would require easter eggs, I forgot to implement them into my mods...

[Today, 4:14pm] Mine_Sasha: and this pack is like all the others except I will give a list of challanges to complete ^.^

[Today, 4:14pm] Mine_Sasha: One major tweak for exemple is the removal of hunger

[Today, 4:13pm] Mine_Sasha: Depend on what you mean by game experience ^.^

[Today, 2:33pm] EvGamer: Does it make game expirience better?

[Today, 12:15pm] Mine_Sasha: It's a tech-magic pack, with A LOT OF THING NERFED ( AE2 25x energy consumption, recipes ), so it has a longer lifetime of play

[Today, 11:42am] Kenken244: speaking of GTCW, I'm not actually gone o/ just been lurking for a while

[Today, 5:33am] Young: it always does that when i run with ma Quantum leggings

[Today, 5:32am] Young: How to stop the server saying "<Player> moved wrongly!" ?

[Today, 12:17am] Chocohead: Indeed it works for that too

[Today, 12:15am] Chocohead: Yeah, I'll try it now

[Today, 12:10am] SpwnX: that means gtcw?

[Yesterday, 11:55pm] Chocohead: (and am now shocked)

[Yesterday, 11:55pm] Chocohead: /me just descovered a way to rescue expired wikispaces even if the owners have vanished

[Yesterday, 11:54pm] NightOps: nuclear control

[Yesterday, 9:59pm] Aroma1997: And what kind of pack is it?

[Yesterday, 8:43pm] Mine_Sasha: Greg : For inspiration, and halp ^.^

[Yesterday, 8:43pm] Mine_Sasha: and fixes

[Yesterday, 8:43pm] Mine_Sasha: DreamMaster : For some complex modtweaker recipes

[Yesterday, 8:42pm] Mine_Sasha: Special thanks to : Chocohead : Awsome work on Minetweaker, made me learn how to use it, fixed everything for me even if it annoyed him, and made me some pretty cool stuff :D

[Yesterday, 8:42pm] Mine_Sasha: Gonna get permissions and released it

[Yesterday, 8:41pm] Mine_Sasha: And SUPER NEWS : Modpack finished

[Yesterday, 8:41pm] Mine_Sasha: Lol, Thx for changelog Chocohead ^.^ Also, don't forget nether ores :P

[Yesterday, 5:42pm] Aroma1997: In gemany we say: "Das Wetter im April, das macht was es will." Which basically means, the weater in april does whatever it wants...

[Yesterday, 5:08pm] alexqgod: oh ty

[Yesterday, 4:12pm] MauveCloud: sneak+right click on the machine with an empty universal fluid cell

[Yesterday, 4:10pm] alexqgod: Please u.u?

[Yesterday, 3:50pm] alexqgod: Hey guys, can someone tell me how do i get the fluids that are on the right tank of the canning machine?

[Yesterday, 3:33pm] Chocohead: Almost April, outside there's a hailstorm. Where are you spring?

[Yesterday, 1:46pm] GregoriusT: And the weekly random ban with the duiration of a week, because of not reading the Q/A goes to StenchBag

[Yesterday, 3:33am] SpwnX: banned.

[Yesterday, 2:30am] Queue:…1416&highlight=

[Yesterday, 2:29am] Queue: We have a spam acct

[Yesterday, 12:29am] Chocohead: /me forgot that zombie pigmen only don't get angry from nether ores when using a mining laser

[Yesterday, 12:27am] retep998: /me sits on Greg's head and takes a nap

[Yesterday, 12:27am] retep998: /me burps

[Yesterday, 12:26am] Chocohead: Clever

[Yesterday, 12:26am] GregoriusT: /me takes the GT5 and the GT6 Changelogs and logs out with them, making them unavailable to retep

[Yesterday, 12:24am] Chocohead: He might have indigestion from all the dodgy English from the GT1 changelog

[Yesterday, 12:23am] Chocohead: That is true

[Yesterday, 12:23am] GregoriusT: And why do you care about it being old? retep was supposed to eat it

[Yesterday, 12:23am] GregoriusT: Guess why that Book landed just 3 Meters away.

[Yesterday, 12:22am] Chocohead: Careful, that's old and heavy

[Yesterday, 12:22am] GregoriusT: Gah, that takes too long, just gimme dat Book. *rips the Book out of Chocos Hand and throws it directly at reteps general direction*

[Yesterday, 12:18am] Chocohead: Dusty

[Yesterday, 12:18am] Chocohead: * cough *

[Yesterday, 12:18am] GregoriusT: /me makes backups of the GT6 Changelog

[Yesterday, 12:18am] Chocohead: The GT4 one is bigger than 2, so he'll be distracted for a while

[Yesterday, 12:17am] retep998: /me moves on to GT4

[Yesterday, 12:17am] GregoriusT: C'mon, there can't be that much Dust on it. Or is it full of Cobwebs?

[Yesterday, 12:16am] Chocohead: /me dusts the giant book

[Yesterday, 12:15am] Chocohead: Oh yeah, might need to dust it first

[Yesterday, 12:15am] retep998: /me moves on to GT3

[Yesterday, 12:15am] GregoriusT: Quick Choco, give him that huge Book from the Bored Thread!

[Yesterday, 12:14am] retep998: /me finishes the GT2 changelog and moves on to GT1

[Yesterday, 12:14am] GregoriusT: lol

[Yesterday, 12:14am] GregoriusT: 713,8 Bites per second

[Yesterday, 12:13am] GregoriusT: Considering he is a Bunny, that will probably just take a minute or so.

[Yesterday, 12:12am] Chocohead: He'll get 42,828 bytes out of it :D

[Yesterday, 12:11am] GregoriusT: yeah, give retep the Changelog to eat

[Yesterday, 12:10am] Chocohead: /me hides behind the GT2 changelog

[Yesterday, 12:09am] retep998: /me nibbles on GregoriusT

[Yesterday, 12:08am] GregoriusT: (could not do anything else since you are alone)

[Yesterday, 12:08am] GregoriusT: Hi 899peter

[Yesterday, 12:07am] retep998: Hi Chocorius

[Yesterday, 12:06am] retep998: Hi Greghead

[Yesterday, 12:05am] GregoriusT: /me waits for Overmind to finally post the thing he writes. *Presses F5* *sees a new post on the GT Thread* *gets disappointed because it is HanakoCZ*

[Yesterday, 12:03am] Chocohead: Nice to texture pack makers there

[Yesterday, 12:03am] GregoriusT: including the Obby Frame

[Yesterday, 12:03am] GregoriusT: Vanilla

[Yesterday, 12:03am] Chocohead: Does it automatically use the vanilla nether portal texture, or does it have it's own?

[Yesterday, 12:03am] GregoriusT: and technically it is even the first, but it is optional so I mentioned it as a last.

[Yesterday, 12:02am] GregoriusT: 13th, not 12th

[Yesterday, 12:01am] GregoriusT: It even has a Cool Model with 12-13 Blocks to render (the 12th being the "active" Portal)

[Yesterday, 12:00am] Chocohead: Cool

[Yesterday, 12:00am] GregoriusT: but as Nether Portal

[Yesterday, 12:00am] GregoriusT: Looks kinda like the TE Tesseract

[Yesterday, 12:00am] GregoriusT: No, it is an Obsidian Frame Block with 6 Nether Portal Sides

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:59pm] Chocohead: (Or the equivelent of)

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:59pm] Chocohead: So does it literally just spawn a nether portal block and throw the item in?

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:57pm] GregoriusT: I wonder why nobody ever got the Idea of a Miniature Nether Portal for Item Teleportation, before I did it. That would have been a perfect thing for ExtraUtilities or OpenBlocks

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:54pm] GregoriusT: I mean if the Base is in the Spawn Chunks and you are on the nEther Side of the Mini Portal

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:52pm] GregoriusT: Which only really works if you have a Chunk Loader or if you are in the Spawn Chunks.

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:52pm] GregoriusT: And I brought the good old Tesseract Functionality of GT back. In form of a very limited Miniature Nether Portal.

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:18pm] Aroma1997: Just ignore the first "2", it's not meant to be there.

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:17pm] Aroma1997: Well, actually, when you are saying that person 1 said 2what person 2 said. (Person 1: "Person 2 said: ' Something ‘")

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:15pm] Aroma1997: But yes, when I think about it, I can't come up with any <insert word here that means the same as "thing", but doesn't sound as stupid, here> where you use them.

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:13pm] Aroma1997: We actually do. WAI WHAAAAAT??? THAT'S WHY MY GERMAN TEACHER SAID, I SHOULDN'T DO THAT IN THE FINALS????? I guess, it's too late now.

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:08pm] Chocohead: That kinda thing ^

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:08pm] GregoriusT: Oh, misusing apostrophes in german is easy. Every single apostrophe is wrong, because we don't use those.

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:06pm] Aroma1997: To do what?

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:05pm] Chocohead: :| If only I knew German well enough to do that

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:03pm] Aroma1997: That kinda was my intention...

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:02pm] Chocohead: You also misused it :D

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:01pm] Aroma1997: I know.

[Mar 30th 2015, 11:00pm] Chocohead: You just used one ;) ' <- one of those

[Mar 30th 2015, 10:56pm] Aroma1997: What are apostrophe's?

[Mar 30th 2015, 10:56pm] Chocohead: So seemingly does half the native English speaking population. And issues with apostrophes.

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