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[Today, 9:31am] Martititi: *anything else, sorry for the mistake

[Today, 9:29am] Martititi: So, I'm not even sure that they will ask something else than getting Minecraft compatible with Windows Phone.

[Today, 9:29am] Martititi: They bought Mojang to increase the number of good games on Windows Phone, increasing the market for it.

[Today, 9:28am] Martititi: And, anyway, Microsoft bought Mojang for $2.5 billion, this will never be refund.

[Today, 9:26am] Martititi: Notch was acutally in favor of this deal, since he did not want to have a big company to manage.

[Today, 1:10am] Blockmaster139: And obviously the Mojang devs still get paid from it -_-

[Today, 1:10am] Blockmaster139: Microsoft don't own it yet, the deal has not finalised

[Yesterday, 10:52pm] Chocohead: That logic seems somewhat flawed, because most accounts bought after Minecraft was released (version 1.0) probably didn't have the money spent

[Yesterday, 10:44pm] CubeWrench202: At this point you shouldn't buy minecraft,it is a microsoft game and they doesn't need support,they've millions and millions of dolars,i personaly keep with the era of notch,the good era.

[Yesterday, 9:02pm] krafty: psusi, I'm going to hold you accountable for any lack of entertainment, which you've mentioned I would have.

[Yesterday, 8:41pm] psusi: countless hours of entertainment is well worth the money

[Yesterday, 8:30pm] krafty: zgrillo2004, you'll be happy to know I've just purchased this $25 game, which I've played for free on unofficial servers for years now.

[Yesterday, 8:13pm] zgrillo2004: Krafty. bad idea on inciting on pirating minecraft

[Yesterday, 7:35pm] krafty: So a cracked client that bypasses mojang's login will not work huh? Crap.

[Yesterday, 7:29pm] Pyrolusite: "In GT you need 8 nether stars and 1 ender dragon egg to make planks"

[Yesterday, 7:27pm] Pyrolusite: haha, a callback to a statement from Sengir about GT

[Yesterday, 5:40pm] CubeWrench202: Thanks,gregtech is fun,but the lag is killing me,my potatoe pc doesn't support GT very well,anyways i found fun stuff like this :

[Yesterday, 5:15pm] Pyrolusite: CubeWrench :…u6zM/edit?pli=1

[Yesterday, 4:34pm] CubeWrench202: i wanna give it a try.

[Yesterday, 4:34pm] CubeWrench202: There are some GT guide for how to start?

[Yesterday, 4:33pm] CubeWrench202: what official minecraft means ._.?

[Yesterday, 4:01pm] Pyrolusite: Yes, you need to have bought Minecraft to play on Kirara

[Yesterday, 4:01pm] Foghrye4: Wow, there is an unofficial minecraft accounts?

[Yesterday, 3:45pm] krafty: do i need to have an official minecraft account to play on kirara2?

[Yesterday, 3:21pm] Pyure: thx spnx

[Yesterday, 3:06pm] SpwnX: It will reset once we update to MC 1.8 , so you can guess. Kirara 1 to 2 was the transition between 1.6.4 to 1.7.10

[Yesterday, 2:25pm] Pyure: BlockMaster: Couldn't find any info in that direction. Sorry. Greg: I'll just assume "Kirara runs a freaking long time w/o world resets" and go with that. Thx gentlemen.

[Yesterday, 2:20pm] krafty: "only". but we have previous versions, so forever?

[Yesterday, 2:19pm] GregoriusT: progress is only lost during an MC Update.

[Yesterday, 2:17pm] Blockmaster139: Kirara is based of the one from inuyasha, just look at invultri's profile pic

[Yesterday, 2:01pm] krafty: he knows grammar things about pronunciation stuff, definitely.

[Yesterday, 2:00pm] Pyure: Greg, you know things about stuff right? How often does everyone lose their progress on the Kirara world for a reset?

[Yesterday, 1:59pm] krafty: ive got a friend in hong kong named louise and they really screw up her name a lot.

[Yesterday, 1:57pm] krafty: thats hilarious. i wouldve never thought

[Yesterday, 1:56pm] GregoriusT: And still it is different Letters.

[Yesterday, 1:55pm] GregoriusT: You know the L/R confusion of Asians? Well even translation got hit by that. For example "Luffy" of the english One Piece translates to the German name "Ruffy", both being spelled the same way.

[Yesterday, 1:54pm] krafty: probably every halloween.

[Yesterday, 1:54pm] krafty: im not sure if my client is just loading or iif its frozen. ive added all of the modpacks from his server, still not loaded.

[Yesterday, 1:53pm] Pyure: So, does anyone online know if it tends to reset once per year, once per decade, every friday the 13th or what?

[Yesterday, 1:52pm] krafty: its a weird name, definitely. i wonder what his inspiration was.

[Yesterday, 1:50pm] Pyure: I think its pretty :)

[Yesterday, 1:50pm] krafty: like kilala from inuyasha, except with an r.

[Yesterday, 1:49pm] krafty: I'm glad im not the only one who thinks its a weird name. kirara.

[Yesterday, 1:48pm] Pyure: I'm not even 100% I'm spelling the server name correctly.

[Yesterday, 1:47pm] Pyure: Stupid question: how often does the kirara world reset?

[Yesterday, 12:44pm] krafty: this is a pretty tight knit community

[Yesterday, 7:12am] GregoriusT: And then the Code would still be a horrible mess, because I would have never gotten around refractoring my Code (what I do on major MC Updates)

[Yesterday, 7:12am] GregoriusT: In that parallel Universe GregTech isn't as good as in this Universe, because I would have stopped updating MC in that Case.

[Yesterday, 1:34am] SpwnX: you're welcome

[Yesterday, 12:14am] CubeWrench202: well...thanks anyways.

[Oct 29th 2014, 11:55pm] SpwnX: but, no. he will not port GT 1.4.7 or any other old version

[Oct 29th 2014, 11:55pm] SpwnX: appears out of nowhere

[Oct 29th 2014, 11:55pm] SpwnX: i can't just say no because maybe a parallel universe greg that is going to say yes.

[Oct 29th 2014, 11:54pm] SpwnX: greg's answer is 99.9999999999% no

[Oct 29th 2014, 11:51pm] Blockmaster139: If you want 1.4.7 Gregtech, play 1.4.7

[Oct 29th 2014, 11:47pm] Chocohead: Waiting Greg to say either no, or yes if you do it yourself

[Oct 29th 2014, 11:25pm] CubeWrench202: Hey greg some people request a port of 1.4.7 Gregtech for the 1.4.7 port of Ic2,what you think?

[Oct 29th 2014, 8:42pm] GregoriusT: #AskThunderdark

[Oct 29th 2014, 2:49pm] HanakoCZ: Flui regulator...why it is not Redstone sensitive ?

[Oct 29th 2014, 2:21pm] HanakoCZ: somebody knows how to fix it?

[Oct 29th 2014, 2:20pm] HanakoCZ: [15:13:06 WARN]: [Dynmap] Resource assets/ic2/textures/blocks/machine/blockWaterHeater.png for mod IC2 not found

[Oct 29th 2014, 1:57pm] Blockmaster139: Almost everything, but most importantly power conversion ratios

[Oct 29th 2014, 11:06am] xbony2: So, what's the difference between IC2 steam and other steam systems? :P

[Oct 29th 2014, 3:03am] Blaster: That is why I have a android phone and a iPod touch, best of both :)

[Oct 29th 2014, 12:30am] Blockmaster139: If only I had an Android...

[Oct 29th 2014, 12:30am] Blockmaster139: I love how...esoteric(?) the modded minecraft PE is, it's like old school modding days :)

[Oct 28th 2014, 8:40pm] Blaster: Sadly while Kingdom Keys has the ability to change enchantment ID's, the mod itself ignores the config

[Oct 28th 2014, 6:52pm] HanakoCZ: say no, the steam exploded but he said that it destroyed his jetpack :D

[Oct 28th 2014, 4:16pm] SpwnX: if a mod does not provide a config, then that is a problem of said mod

[Oct 28th 2014, 4:16pm] SpwnX: enchantment IDs are per-mod config based

[Oct 28th 2014, 1:23pm] Blockmaster139: The steam in the wood pipe is what exploded, not the jetpack. Trying to fly with the empty jetpack probably just caused a block update or something

[Oct 28th 2014, 11:29am] Blaster: Not enchantment ID's (unless that's new)

[Oct 28th 2014, 11:27am] HanakoCZ: Well, one of my guys got jetpack exploded after hitted by hot steam (yes, connected wood pipe to steam

[Oct 28th 2014, 11:19am] Blockmaster139: Depleted jetpacks will not explode, and forge does not automatically assign enchant ID's

[Oct 28th 2014, 11:00am] HanakoCZ: Blaster Forge does it automatically?

[Oct 28th 2014, 11:00am] HanakoCZ: what is true about that depleted jetpack can blow up on my back?

[Oct 28th 2014, 8:36am] Blaster: Anyone know of a mod that forces enchantment ID's to change?

[Oct 28th 2014, 6:51am] Prtssguy: i like gregtech in theory, never used it though

[Oct 28th 2014, 1:59am] SpwnX: i'm not blaming. I'm just saying that it does not fit you.

[Oct 28th 2014, 1:36am] CubeWrench202: Hey,don't blame,gregtech is an awesome mod,but,it isn't for me.

[Oct 28th 2014, 1:26am] CubeWrench202: Yeah,i install it and it is a very nice mod,but i keep with classic,and maybe i prefer gregtech like a ic2 addon,the 1.7.10 gregtech just uses Ic2 API.

[Oct 28th 2014, 12:57am] SpwnX: if you like IC2 classic very much, its a definite no.

[Oct 28th 2014, 12:48am] CubeWrench202: I will start a lets play,i should install gregtech or not?.

[Oct 27th 2014, 9:53pm] Chocohead: overclockers are only good for speeding up scanning speed, so it is if you've got lots of stone and dirt to avoid

[Oct 27th 2014, 8:39pm] Prtssguy: im trying to figure out how much power i need to have ready for the advanced miner, if its beneficial to use overclockers, what kind of power source..

[Oct 27th 2014, 8:38pm] Prtssguy: hmmm where can i go to ask some questions?

[Oct 27th 2014, 7:57pm] Blockmaster139: YACIRO - Yet Another Cheap Industrialcraft Rip Off :P

[Oct 27th 2014, 7:57pm] Blockmaster139: Not real IC2 doing that, but Immibis' IC2 Classic, which would become "IC2 Classic" if it did that

[Oct 27th 2014, 5:02pm] Chocohead: That ^

[Oct 27th 2014, 4:19pm] inucune: IC2 using RF? BLASPHEMY!

[Oct 27th 2014, 10:28am] Blaster: Sadly there is a bug with a mod I want to use which would be introduced in World 1, but that's for later versions (Kingdom Keys FYI, enchantment clash with Chocolate Quest)

[Oct 27th 2014, 10:27am] Blaster: With the Mystcraft bug fixed, I'm back in business for SRP. Next release will have the a portion of the Hub world, and a early version of World 1 "Supersized"

[Oct 27th 2014, 8:09am] SpwnX: not the opposite, ever.

[Oct 27th 2014, 8:09am] SpwnX: I'd rather have RF stuff powered by EU

[Oct 27th 2014, 8:00am] DoomFruit: what kind of abomination is this?

[Oct 27th 2014, 8:00am] DoomFruit: wait, IC2 using RF?

[Oct 27th 2014, 2:48am] CubeWrench202: By the way immibis i like the idea of Ic2-classic using RF,i prefer old MJ but well...i just like the idea because i can power my quarry with nuclear reactors :D!

[Oct 26th 2014, 11:41pm] Blockmaster139: It is worth noting that there is a new type of reactor that can transfer heat into power :)

[Oct 26th 2014, 11:40pm] Blockmaster139: Don't think many base reactor elements have changed, other than resource coats and the new MOX fuel, so it should be good to go

[Oct 26th 2014, 11:25pm] Rakdar: experimental build of IC2 can you still build the TOWER OF POWER? and have it run efficeintly?

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