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IC2 Experimental builds (jenkins):
v2.0/2.1/2.2 / 2.3 / 2.5 / 2.6 (For Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.10 / 1.8.9 / 1.9.4 / 1.10)
IndustrialCraft² recent version: v1.117! (For Minecraft 1.5.2 → topic)


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Saturday, August 8th 2015, 5:54pm

What type of power generator are you using ? Specify MC version / pack

I want to make this thread to share about how I generate my power and for other people to share their ideas as well, screenshots are nice :D

1.2.5 :
- Water strainers + aqueous accumulators
Efficient, renewable, cheap, powerful
- Geothermal generator + collector-condenser
Efficient++, renewable, recipe is ok, powerful++
1.4.7 :
- 2 Redstone engines on a magma crucible fed by a igneous extruder producing cobble, the magma extruder outputs lava in a GT thermal generator ( the redstone engines we're nerfed and didn't produced energy anymore at that time, except if you used it on thermal expansion machines or miner/pump, but it was very slow, but at least you got energy from redstone, from a flip of a lever :D )
Efficiency average ( was good for an infinite backup energy source in case MFR harvester-planters tree farm loop suddenly stopped due to a big tree, at least this is how I used it ), renewable, cheap, low power gen
- Fuel factory from BC + fuel generators
Very efficient early to mid-end game, not renewable though unless you used bees, cost is ok, powerful+
- Biofuel factory
Very efficient early to mid-end game, renewable if you use MFR farms ( and renewable with Forestry farms IF you had a macerator+product of the tree farm making infinite dirt and a macerator+igneous extruder making infinite sand and using this sand to convert it into saltpeter ore thanks to saltpeter spawners in desert and deployers-block breakers from RP2 then process everything and make fertilizer, it's definitively possible, as I did it, but too much hassle and I do not recommend it ^ ^'' ), cost is ok, powerful+
- Fusion reactor aka the holy GT grail
Efficient+++++, renewable, GRAG LEVEL EXPENSIVE, powerful+++++
1.5.2 :
- Factorization solar boilers + steam generators
Very efficient early to mid game, renewable, cost is from cheap to expensive, powerful
1.6.4 :
- EE3 EMC condenser + igneous extruder feeding charcoal to a generator
Very efficient, renewable, cost is ok, powerful
1.7.10 :
- The old Geothermal generator + collector setup except using mekanism heat generator or GT reborn Thermal generator for more efficiency
Efficient+++, renewable, cost is ok, powerful+++
- Heat generators
Efficient, renewable, cheap, powerful


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Saturday, August 8th 2015, 8:16pm

Alright alright alright.
Kirara 2.0 : At first, biomass production to turn it into biogas. That was producing 128eu/t. I also had backup fuel with 6 diesel generators for my first blast furnace smelts. Than, I've found many Plutonium veins, I turned my rubber tree farm (from forestry) into an iron farm (I was centrifuging the rubber to get plastic, which has metalum). Lastly, I spammed enough radioisotope generators to produce 2048eu/t.
Than, on Kirara extended, formerly Kirara 3.0, 48 coke ovens, with a TC tree farm powered by golem. The creosote was being fed into one or two boilers, and I planned on turning the charcoal into alumentum. I'm still waiting for the cobble generator from GT.
I was powering a RC turbine to produce 200eu/t, and I ended up with some radioisotope generators (I setup an iron golem farm asap so I had iron for days).
And now, direwolf20's pack, I started with big reactor to power a turbine producing 28k rf/t ad my starter power source, I'm powering a laser drill, meanwhile I setup a cake farm to feed 24 kekimurus and I setup an alumentum farm to feed 27 endoflame. I'll fire a lot of RC boilers once I get around adding more alchemical constructs to produce alumentum insanely fast. Once again, these RC boilers will power up a huge turbine.
My plan for the future is the new ic2 reactor. Maybe a dozen of them. Or a hundred. And also powering my base with the botania flower eating wool (it eats white wool, than the other wool of the colour of the next spectrum and so on until it returns to white) feeding the mana producing thingy from botania. Too bad there's not the TC add-on to produce rf out of vis, because I have a 14CV/t node (hungry node I fed, than turned into a tainted node, and lastly energized).
On all my previous modpacks I've played, may it be ftb unleashed or tekkit, I always managed to produce lava (pump from the nether for example). Oh and I once setup a squid reactor, feeding ink sacs harvested by one rancher into boifuel generators from MFR and powering RC boilers out of it. It no longer works.


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Saturday, August 8th 2015, 9:39pm

Various arrays of IC2 reactors + solar arrays + water mills
Efficient, semi-renewable, not cheap, powerful+

GT Diesel generators + geothermal generators
Efficient+ non-renewable, cheap, powerful

Various arrays of 1 chamber IC2 reactors + solar panels + water mills + kinetic wind generator
Efficient++, semi-renewable, semi cheap, powerful+

Now using this:
6 core fission reactor from reactorcraft
Producing 5K+ EU/t it's efficient++, semi-renewable (if you condense the steam like I do) not cheap+,but powerful+++

I can grab screenshots of my 6 core reactor after I finish rewiring my base and complete the new 6core design. (I made it in creative and got over 5K EU/t)

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A ninja with a composite unbreakable armor made out of diamond and carbon nanotubes :3

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Sunday, August 9th 2015, 4:49pm

A new type of way to generate power similar to Nexey_'s one :

TC golem tree farm + coke ovens = charcoal feeding bunch of generators
Efficient+, renewable, cheap but requires TC ressearch, powerful++

Cactus/Reeds farm + coke ovens = sugar/cactus charcoal feeding bunch of generators
Efficient+ ( Passive ), renewable, SUPER cheap ( can be made after 15 minutes in a normal modded world, 1 hour if hardcore recipes ), powerful++ ( from what you need to do, it's very powerful, maybe less than TC golem farm, but this is more spammeable so I still give it ++ )

EDIT : Please note that uranium, lava and fuel are all renewable sources if you have the right setup for it ( collector-condensers, bees etc.. ). It would be nice if you put it in parenthesis ^ ^

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Sunday, August 9th 2015, 7:06pm

(started modded minecraft in 1.6.4, and never got around to doing a "proper" non-cheat world in 1.6.4)

Steam engine(RotaryCraft) with lit netherrackas heat source.
fuel efficiency: infinite, as renewable(netherrack burns forever, providing a steady 140°C, water can easily be pumped even if you only have rotarycraft, it has a pump and fluid transfer)
efficiency: ++++(it is quite cheap to make for its power, and doesn't need fuel)
powerful: medium-low(for rotarycraft, anyway, you need for of them to power a grinder(no gearboxes), power equals 31RF/t or so)

summarized cost:
- 3 cobblestone
- 1 gold ingot
- 12,66666666666666666666(and so on) HSLA Steel(that is an average batch of nine iron in the blast furnace, with coke, maybe a bit more)

Hydrokinetic Engine(RotaryCraft), 64 block waterfall:
fuel efficiency: infinite due to crappy minecraft fluid physics
efficiency: ++(quite expensive to make, and requires complex setup to get it, as it requires spring steel, which needs a blast furnace heated to 1150°C, which is hard to get without the hydrokinetic engine. also needs 3 diamonds per engine, and the waterfall is a b*tch to make, but it is efficient)
powerful: +++, it beats essentially all uranium reactors not using active cooling(aka condensators or this coolant cell thingy where you take cells out, put new ones in instead and then have a bunch of reactors dedicated to cooling the coolant cells down again), with about 250 effective eu per tick, and if you turn it into RF, you will get about 1kRF/t. in Rotarycraft power, it has an output of half a MW, and you need 8 of them to run the extractor, which is more of a mid-game machine. do you have any f*cking idea how hard it is to get the power of 8 hydrokinetic engines into one extractor without bedrockium gearboxes?

I also use DC electrical engines from time to time(aka for blowing items around with fans), which are basically redstone engines that can actually be USED for stuff other than pumping, although they generate only 1RF/t, and have used AC electrical enginesand performanceengines in the effort of getting a friction heater to more than 1150°C. AC electrical engines use magnetized shaftcores(done in the magnetizing unit, which uses power), to generate power every time they get a redstone pulse(clocks for the win!). They are decent, but having to magnetize shaft cores again and again and again is annyoing(they demagnetize while being used). Performance engines use ethanol plus additives, aka redstone, gunpowder, and blaze powder, blaze powder being the most efficient, redstone the least efficient. while they are probably quite simply to automate, it is simpler to spam hydrokinetic engines, and so i have really only used them to get spring steel.

EDIT: for some reason, my space key ignores input from time to time, aka there were a few spaces missing. now they don't miss anymore. DUN DUN DUUUN.

EDIT: messed up hydrokinetic engine power output. got the EU right though.
Native language german, please point out mistakes to me. forget it, my english is better than that of a good deal of people on the forums anyway.

IC Related Quotes thread. If you ever need some good puns.

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