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Friday, May 15th 2015, 4:40am

[Industrialcraft-2-2.2.720-experimental] Swedish translation

I think I just posted this an hour ago, but the forum didn't take it, so here's the post with stuff in it:

And lastly, thanks to all you developers for making an EXTREMELY long list of items and machines with which TO translate :)
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Friday, May 15th 2015, 12:30pm

Er, it did actually :P
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Friday, May 15th 2015, 3:11pm

There is a flaw with having to accept new member's first posts in that even they can't see them.
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Friday, May 15th 2015, 10:56pm

I realized my mistake, deleted it. This was the newer version anyhow.


Tuesday, August 11th 2015, 7:00pm

will be include in next Build...
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