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Tuesday, August 9th 2016, 8:44pm

passive power generation

ok I'll admit I have not played in a while and am trying to figure out the best type of passive power generation with little or no input from me. Use to be I would run solar panels and water mills and that would power pretty much anything I needed to do, but with the removal of the old water mill and the new one requiring either a river or an ocean biome leaves me trying to figure out if there is anything I can do but solar.


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Tuesday, August 9th 2016, 9:30pm

I suppose your options are limited to how much you're willing to build. You could do the less exciting options of lots of solars or pumping the nether of lava to fuel geothermal generators, or use a kinetic generator along with a wind turbine (kinetic wind generator in 1.7.10) but that does require rotors to be replaced after a few days if running constantly. There's other options still if you get more creative, such as running a tree farm to produce wood which can be cooked into charcoal then that used in generators. You could even use crops to produce biochaff, then ferment it into biogas which could be burnt for power in the semifluid generator.

You're certainly not short of options, even more so in 1.9+ where the old water and windmills are back with rotors.
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Wednesday, August 10th 2016, 7:02am

ok thanks for the information I'm gonna have to search through the recipes some more. I'm just lazy about the power generation thats why I focused on solar and water mills cause I could just set them up and go work on my projects with no worrying about the power.

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