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Friday, September 30th 2016, 8:05pm

Wind turbine explosions with CES Unit

Hi, I´m new here, and I don´t want to please, if my question is yet answered, please excuse me and I will read the other post, but I couldn´t find...may be I didn´t search correctly....

My problem is that I have a Wind Turbine working, connected to a CES Unit and the CES Unit to a LV Transformer, and to the machines...working perfectly...the problem comes when I want to change or connect a new machine to the explodes...and burn all the copper cable and the CES a way to solve this? The only way I´ve found, is to take out the Rotor, take out with the wrench the Kinetic Generator to empty it, connect or change the machines, and reconect the Rotor and the Kinetic´s so much I think...

Thanks in advance...and congrats about the forum and the mod!!!


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Friday, September 30th 2016, 8:17pm

Welcome to the forum!

The kinetic generator is tier 3, whilst the CESU is tier 2, which is why things are exploding. The machine item tooltips are your friend ;)
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Friday, September 30th 2016, 9:13pm

Thaks a lot for the reply!!!
Next time I will look more carefully the I see it's a silly question...
Thanks again!!! ;(


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