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Friday, December 30th 2016, 12:47am

Various ideas like, Pre-painted cables, or a config option for default white cables, to stop cable auto-connections

Need a way to weave new cables into my existing workspace without them auto-connecting to every cable they pass and potentially blowing stuff up.

Various ideas I came up with:

A config option in the ic2.cfg file that when set true, would then turn off default black cables auto-connecting. Or make all cables start default white - that way the existing rules for black cables auto-connecting could be preserved.

A workbench recipe that would allow cables to be pre-painted before being placed. Optionally, pre-painted cables would not even auto-connect to nearby machines - the end node of a cable that could connect to a machine would need to be NON-prepainted and then painted the same color after placement.

Make difference types of cable (HV, MV, LV) not auto-connect to each other. Painting them the same color would allow them to connect. As most of my cabling problems revolve around trying to get different types to co-exist this would really help, but I think one of the other broader solutions I've proposed would be better.

Color cabling that will NOT auto-connect to nearby machines, unless a wrench is used on it first - although the bigger problem is cabling auto-connecting to other nearby cabling. (The transfer pipes in Extra Utilities 2 auto-connect, but a wrench can adjust their flow directions. That's very cool. But it has less problems since the same transfer pipes can handle items, fluids, and energy simultaneously. That sounds a little too flexible.)

Or make wires encased in construction foam not auto-connect. Then I could place wires, foam them, and later if I ran another wire past it, or added a machine next to it, I'd not have to worry about auto-connection problems. If later a connection was desired, break the foam, connect the wires or machine, and then re-foam. Or perhaps wired that have been foamed, and then painted, can thereafter only auto-connect to wires painted the same color - they would NOT auto-connect to black.

Hopefully one of the above ideas would be the easiest to implement. The whole point is to stop auto-connection. If it's better create some kind of wrench game mechanic that can place cabling into a "lock-down" mode, that would work too and perhaps better reduce cpu-load.


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Friday, December 30th 2016, 2:39am

The pre-painted cables would probably be the best (and easiest) solution at least for the short-mid term. Eventually some way of stopping cables connecting to each other or sides of machines (something like covers) would be a nice goal, but that would be a pain to do.
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