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Sunday, January 22nd 2017, 12:26am

place shaped_recipes.ini server side?

I am trying to disable some IC2 recipes from showing in the crafting bench on my server.

I found 2 possible methods:
1. Server side, I can disable/purge the items I don't want players to be able to craft, in the "<server>\config\IC2.ini" file.
Using this method, the item will still show up in the crafting table, when the right crafting materials are placed in the crafting bench. I would like to avoid this.

2. Client side, I can extract the "shaped_recipes.ini" file, and place a modified version of that file into a manually created folder ".minecraft\config\ic2\shaped_recipes.ini".
This method does what I want. The disabled item no longer show in the crafting table. The problem using this method is that I can't control this from the server. And I can't force the players on my server to manually place my modified shaped_recipes.ini file on there PC.

Is there a way I can do this server side?

Server: forge-1.10.2-
Mod: industrialcraft-2-2.6.142-ex110


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Sunday, January 22nd 2017, 2:30am

The best way of disabling recipes from a simplicity point of view is actually within the main IC2.ini config file itself. The disable line of the recipes section will skip adding recipes that add an output that's in the list (by IC2 at least, purge will clear out all recipes that output it), and that also avoids having to keep updating the shaped_recipes.ini when you update IC2 and new recipes are added. Either way though, short of getting the connecting clients to have the same IC2.ini or shaped_recipes.ini there is no good way to sync, having differing config files is always going to cause trouble so it's a lost cause. There's plenty of problems seen from mods that try syncing when people join servers (mainly a large lag spike that can cause the connection to drop out, recipes especially as often the list if very big to have to go through).
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Sunday, January 22nd 2017, 8:59am

Thanks for the quick answer.

I think I'll go with the IC2.ini approach and just make a public list on my server, with the items I have disabled.


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