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IC2 Experimental builds (jenkins):
v2.0/2.1/2.2 / 2.3 / 2.5 / 2.6 (For Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.10 / 1.8.9 / 1.9.4 / 1.10)
IndustrialCraft² recent version: v1.117! (For Minecraft 1.5.2 → topic)


Sunday, February 19th 2012, 10:06am

[MC 1.1] IC² v1.71 SSP/SMP

The IC²-Developement team proudly presents:
Industrial Craft ²
Version 1.71 SSP/SMP

If you want to support IC²'s developement, or want to thank the team in a more materialistic way, feel free to drop us donations:

Return (String) System.getMostRecentPieceOfValuableInformation();
This is it. IC², the future of IC.
While playing it, you will feel right at home again, rediscovering most of the stuff known from IC. However, once you get your machines running, you will quickly notice how smooth and well-designed everything works now. Wiring is easier, batterys aren't as twosided (on/off) anymore, new cables, rubber stuff, new machines, EVERYTHING was added.
Create obstacle courses of Metal Poles and Rubber-Sheets, explore the Nether with an Electrical Jetpack or blow up whole landscapes at once by using the Dynamite-O-Mote. Or discover the much more complex mechanisms of Nuclear Engineering, blow up your hut or burn your hands. Or grab the rusty ol Composite Vest, and start hunting Creepers with the new, allmighty NanoSaber.

It's up to you, it's MINEcraft after all.

How to install, how to report errors, how to NOT bug the IC² developers:

What do i need to install IndustrialCraft / Prerequisite ?
  1. Risugami's ModLoader 1.1
  2. Flan's ModLoaderMP Client 1.1
  3. SpaceToad's/Eloraam's MCForge Client 1.3.3

It's strongly recommended to install these prequesite mods in the listed order onto a freshly downloaded minecraft.jar for optimum results.
Do not forget to delete the META-INF folder if you didn't delete it already.

How to install the Mod itself:
You can (and actually, must) install IC² by dropping the downloaded JAR-file into your mods-folder. If there is none, install ModLoader and just start-up minecraft once for it to be automatically created. It is located inside your .minecraft directory.

If you get any sort of crashes or errors, consider first reading the FAQ, before bugging the Support section:

If you want to report Bugs; we got a Bug-Section for that purpouse.

If you got questions, considere browsing through the official IC wiki.
Note: It's the official wiki, nontheless coders of IC² are not actively updating it. Any information found/provided there can be incorrect or entirely false.

You can download a artificially generated Recipe-File here!

Or pay the Dev-Team's official YT-PR-Manager's a visit:

Yes, you've heard right, now we got two specialists for promoting IC on the web. I'm sure you already heard of and watched
Direwolf20's Youtube Channel.

How to setup your own IC²-Server:
First of all, you'll need to download and setup a normal MC-server. Once that's all working and you tested whether other people can connect, proceed to downloading the necessary components:
  1. Flan's ModLoaderMP Server 1.1 v2.1
  2. SpaceToad's/Eloraam's MCForge Server 1.3.3

Then grab your IC²-server files, HERE.
As with the client, just drop it into the mods-folder of your server directory.
Done :D
You may now want to start up the server once to generate the config file and then proceed to build awesome Industrial Worlds with your friends.

If you're looking for a server, check out the Server-Section of this forum.
Or just directly grab your reserverd slot on
Industrial Rage

IC² now provides are more or less well documented API.
If you're a modder yourself and want to create a mod implementing IC²s features, download THIS file, and add it's contents to your source-setup (MCP ned). By using the provided classes and interfaces you can in this manner create a mod using IC² features without requiring the whole IC² sourcecode.
You can find some sort of more detailed doc at this site.

Firstly, we would like to thank the whole MCP team. Without their work, modifying Minecraft would be MUCH more complicated and time-consuming.
Additionally, thanks go to Risugami, Flan and the MCForge team, a big mod like IC² just can't live without all these base-modifications.
As well, i would on this spot thank my developer team personally:
  • Player - Coder & Co-Leader of IC²
  • alexthesax - Coder
  • Drashian - Coder
  • elementalist - Coder
  • RichardG - Coder
  • Feanturi - Spriter
  • tahu44 - Modeller
  • Lurch1985 - Sound Artist
  • The whole set of Beta-Testers, who i constantly annoyed by throwing buggy new versions at them while smiting every of their bugreport with a casual "It's not a bug, it's a feature".
And our third party contributors:
  • silentdeth - For his BC3-Triggers code

IMS-License (It's my stuff!)
Everything seen on this website/thread and directly related to the content of this post is copyright'd by the respective author of this mod (IC² Dev-Team, names mentioned above). Any sort of files associated with this content (= the Download) may only be used for it's actual purpouse (installing and playing IC²). You may modify any or all of the content, but are NOT allowed to public any of it.
As well, noone besides the author and persons elected by the author are allowed to provide any download links. Everyone else is NOT allowed to public any sort of download, though he/she may hand out links to this website/thread instead.
Exspecially it is EXPLICITELY NOT allowed for anyone besides the author to earn any money by using this content's existence. This includes adfly, site advertisment and donations.
Any of the limitations above can be nullified by an explicite permission of the author.

Addendum I:
Trivially, all sites associated with and/or hosted by Alblaka or any member of the IC²-Dev-Team are allowed to provide content and/or links to content freely.
This addendum mainly refers to any downloads hosted via the IC² wiki.

Addendum II:
Any individuum is allowed to showcase this mod in form of screenshots and/or videos on any platform/website/forum under following restriction:
-A link to this thread must be provided, clearly visible under/next-to the media element(s).

Addendum III:
Any sort of modifications to the original IC² code may be created and published within the Addons-Section of this forum. The addon download must not contain any IC² files except the ones modified and of course the new files themselves.


Sunday, February 19th 2012, 10:07am

v1.64 -> v1.65:

Source code

- Added Solar Helmet and Static Boots which charge the electric chestplate you're wearing
- Added foam cables obtained by using a CF sprayer near a cable
- Added redstone mode switch button to electric blocks
- Added BuildCraft 3 triggers, some of them backwards compatible with the Crossover Mod
- Added Portal Gun compatibility, you aren't supposed to pick up a resin source
- Added canning cake
- Added machines to CraftGuide
- Added death messages to SMP
- Added more ores to the achievement GUI's background
- Added metal armor interface to the API, implement if you want your boots to work in a magnetizer
- Fixed crops and crop seeds not showing up on SMP
- Fixed armor taking extreme damage while wearing a batpack
- Fixed NPE when using a compressor alongside a pump
- Fixed diamond drills usable even after depleted
- Fixed NPE when mining an IC2 block with uranium generation disabled
- Attempt to fix magnetizer not working properly on SMP
- Fixed NPEs in Ic2Recipes mostly related to CodeChickenLoader
- Fixed "moving too fast" disconnect when using teleporters on SMP
- Fixed certain achievements being unobtainable
- Fixed "Creeper Chainsaw Massacre" and "Like a Boss" achievements
- Fixed obtaining of achievements in SMP
- Fixed some secret recipes being craftable with rubber instead of resin
- Fixed machine progress bar syncing in SMP
- Fixed negative heat when using several lava buckets in a reactor
- Fixed display of some recipes in CraftGuide
- Fixed rubber tree generation on mod-added biomes
- Fixed walls being obtainable through Silk Touch
- Fixed plantballs only being craftable with oak saplings and leaves
- Fixed rubber boots only being craftable with white wool
- Fixed magnetizer misbehaving using world height mods
- Upgraded machines can now accept energy and lapotron crystals based on the number of transformer upgrades
- Induction Furnaces now accept energy crystals
- Painter auto-refill mode can be changed by holding M and right-clicking
- Chainsaws will now shear sheep
- Slight increase to overclocker power consumption
- Nuclear reactor heat effects are no longer caused if the config setting for the max explosion power is set to 0
- Small change to the achievement tree
- Canned food now works like other MC food items, giving 1 hunger point and 1 heart of instant healing
- SMP jetpack improvements, still very buggy
- Dynamite and sticky dynamite will now prime when dispensed
- Electric tools and armor can no longer be enchanted, bronze enchantability is a bit higher than iron
- The "not initialized properly" crash message is now more user friendly
- Crop seeds with no data will show a different name suggesting it's a bug


Sunday, February 19th 2012, 10:07am

v1.65 -> v1.70:

Source code

- Added ability for crops to have custom spritesheets
- Fixed batpacks breaking when depleted
- Fixed redstone mode button crashing in SMP
- Fixed BuildCraft triggers not having icons
- Fixed static boots giving free energy when riding a minecart or a pig
- Fixed static boots giving energy when swimming
- Fixed food cans giving more hunger points than uncanned food
- Fixed rubber trees not generating at all using world height mods
- Fixed storage block redstone not considering stored energy values below the block's output
- Fixed CF spraying scaffolds dropping scaffolds but not changing the block to foam
- Fixed foamed cables not having foam when placed by a BuildCraft builder
- Quantum Suit parts now require their respective Nano Suit parts
- Chainsaws now shear mooshrooms and anything else shearable by the Forge
- Composite Vests now have the same enchantability as diamond
- Torches, rails and other blocks which need solid support can now be placed on top of scaffolds
- Reduced use time for food cans
- Better API documentation
- Under-the-hood changes in GUI and armor handling


Sunday, February 19th 2012, 10:51pm

v1.70 -> v1.70b:

Source code

- Fixed reactors causing chunk errors after upgrading


Thursday, February 23rd 2012, 8:44am

v1.70 -> v1.71:

Source code

- Added Tungsten Ore to the miner valuable ore list through the ore dictionary. RedPower 2 pr4d does not support this yet!
- Fixed quantum suit recipes
- Fixed chainsaw breaking when used for shearing
- Fixed cells picking up BuildCraft oil as water
- Fixed language file, replace cropSeed-1 by cropSeedInvalid
- Fixed GUIs in SMP
- Fixed achievement GUI NPE with copper/tin generation disabled
- Submodules failing to load now give a more user-friendly message


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