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Friday, July 29th 2011, 5:13am

HELP: Suggestion Compendium

As a Foreword: This is not a Suggestion thread or topic. This is a one-stop* "This has been approved" shop as one would say.
(Please don't make multiple threads for ideas that are already listed here. >.< )

*Please also use the forum's search function.
Also note that threads will "expire" (Be archived) after 15 days of the last comment. This is to help reduce the number of pages in the Suggestions section to a more manageable amount.

This post will be used as a reference to the ideas that have been approved and disapproved (As sort of a "To-Do" list).

Approved Ideas
Yet to be implemented:
Reinforced Stone Hatches
Programmable Droids
Electric Shears (As an alternate use of a chainsaw instead)
Building Laser (A ranged building device is planned)
Bowl of Soup + Canner = Soup Can + Bowl (No more splinters in your teeth. :D )
Thermometer tool (In form of a Controller Block) (Also see Addons)

Already Implemented:
Finite Glowstone
Matter-Energy Transport (Not in IC2 release yet)
Partially Depleted Charging
Advanced Energy Storage Unit
More Block IDs/Sprites (Using Minecraft Forge instead of MCEx)
Electric ladders (As "Electric poles")
Reusable Fuel Cans
Extra machine Slots
Colored Cables (Via Painting)
Purpose to Machine Blocks (Refined Iron Storage Block)
Hydrogen Fuel Cells (Electrolyzer)
Nano-Tech Weaponry (Nano-Sabers)
Sound Effects Correctly Timed
Compact Storage Blocks(For Tin and Copper)
Quieter Sounds
Auto-Open Scrapboxes(via Dispenser)
Sticky Pistons with Resin
Empty Cells Self Filling
Paintable Cement

"Maybe" Ideas


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