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Thursday, June 28th 2012, 12:03am

Bronze Bonds

23-pages of fantastic Fantasy.

A story about slavery, a very special bond between two lives and the beginning of a potential legend.

Can gladly state this story to be child-safe... sort of. No mature content or gore, at all.
And barely any action, either. This is a story of emotions, dialogues and cunning wordfights.

To read or to read twice, that's the question.
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Thursday, June 28th 2012, 12:10am

Some random fun facts, read them AFTER the story.

Spoiler Spoiler

-Originally the protagonists were meant to be named Gregoria and Sebastian... But Sebastian sounded too casual, thus I've switched them. :3
-Regretted said decision when I realised Gregorius' is more annoying to type then Sebastian's
-Theodore's title is totally not a reference to an Anime I've seen
-Gregorius' scales weren't orginially the color of bronze, but the alloy was imbued with a spell meant to supress his natural blood, causing his scales to change their colour across the years.
-Whoever assumed, after part 3, that they would be anothe romantic couple, NOPE.AVI. Seriously, they are much more siblings then lovers. And now stop staring at me like this for making them kiss!
-Gregorius would never fully get rid of his Bronze Bonds, not even after regaining his full Draken-ish form. And hell, they learnt to fear not only his claws...
-I'm aware bronze isn't actually quite like the alloy apparently used for his bracers. In reality the 'Bronze' referred to in the story is an alloy of bronze, lead, iron and any other element I need to explain it's abilitys AND NOW STOP TRYING TO PIN ME DOWN ON REALISTIC CHEMISTRY!


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