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IndustrialCraft recent version: v8.55_02! (For Minecraft 1.7.3 Beta)
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Saturday, June 4th 2011, 10:50pm

Tutorial: Installation of Industrial Craft (For Client and Server!)

Seeing as a lot of people are having issues installing and setting up their IndustrialCraft server, I thought I would give a set of highly detailed instructions:

Installing IndustrialCraft for Survival Single Player:

  1. Browse to your .minecraft folder.
  2. If you have a vanilla (unmodified) minecraft.jar file, skip to step 3.
    1. Create a back up copy of your bin folder (This will save mods you have installed).
    2. Start minecraft via 1.3 Launcher (The new one) and click 'Options'.
    3. Click 'Force Update', and log into the game.
    4. Congratulations, you now have a Vanilla .jar file. Exit minecraft.

  3. Open your bin folder and right click and open with your minecraft.jar with your preference of Archiving Software (Winzip, 7zip, Archive Manager, etc).
    1. Delete the META-INF Folder.
    2. Copy the contents of ModLoader's zip file into the minecraft.jar archive
    3. Copy the contents of ModloaderMP (Client side) into your minecraft.jar archive
    4. Copy the contents of minecraft (Leave it's sub folders alone, as in copy them as a whole), Industrially Improved Pickaxe, and Experimental Nanosuit File from IndustrialCraft into the minecraft.jar archive and close it.
    5. Copy the IndustrialCraftConfig.txt file into your bin folder.

      1. Open IndustrialCraftConfig.txt
      2. Remove the # from infront of: enableNano=true, addMineableOres=true

    6. After modifying and saving IndustrialCraftConfig.txt, create a second copy and
      paste it into your .minecraft folder (Depending on the OS and Launch Method,
      IC will read the config from one place or the other).

[*]You now have successfully set up your Minecraft for IndustrialCraft!

Setting Up IndustrialCraft On A Server:
(This requires that you atleast know how to set up a vanilla server, so I will not go into unneeded details).
  1. Start by downloading the minecraft_server.jar file from here .
  2. Open the minecraft_server.jar file and copy in the ModLoaderMP server file .
  3. In your IndustrialCraft zip, there should be a folder named "server" Open it and copy it's contents into the minecraft_server.jar archive
  4. Close your Archive folder, and copy the config file from the IC zip, into the parent (main) folder, where your minecraft_server.jar is located (Togglable effects for the server are located near the bottom)
  5. If you've done everything correctly, you should have successfully installed minecraft on your server.

(Note: This post will be "prettyfied" (even more) once I get around to it.)


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