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Sunday, August 26th 2012, 11:17pm

[OFFICIAL] Community-driven TODO list

Well, I've decided just too many things slip through, buried under tons of other features, bugfixes and brainfails.
As such, I hereby present you the OFFICIAL, COMMUNITY-driven TODO-list.

Read or get banned - RULES:
  • The ONLY permitted suggestion consist of a short description (<20 words) and a link. One-liners are preferred.
  • You are free to post/link any suggestion, bugfix or tweak mentioned as a thread, IF (and only if) any member of the DEV TEAM (Beta-testers do not count) confirmed the suggestion/bugfix/tweak AND it's NOT present in the list below these rules. Aka, post suggestions a dev commented as "Sounds nice, we should add this" or bugs commented with "Well, we should look into this / I think it can be fixed by" etc.
  • You may post more then one link/thread/idea per post, but you are not allowed to post multiple times in a row. (aka, don't spam)
  • Read the list below, reposting an already mentioned thing is annoying and will be punished.
  • All posts in this thread will be deleted and their content added to said list instead (> first post contains all content).
  • Fixed/Finished things will be marked accordingly.
  • The order of posting does NOT influence the order in which the poinst are taken care of.
  • We/I may revoke our approval of Idea X for not-mentioned reasons :P
  • For any sort of NEW suggestion or bug reports, create an according thread first and link it here AFTER a dev answered (positively) to said thread.
  • Please feel free to visit threads mentioned here to further discuss their content and develope concepts. The less dev's need to make up by themselves, the less time we need to implement it.

= This thread is meant to be a public, semi-organized list of things we already deemed useful but would may go forgotten otherwise.

Current TODO:
Machine to improve CropSeeds
Nightvision Googles (Done, waiting for next MC release with implemented Nightvision Potion, though)
Machine rework, including: Weardow/Breaking
Rework of/ New fuel, including a new Generator
Inventory Enhanching Armor


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Saturday, September 8th 2012, 8:13am

Luminator rework, specifically mob burning search algorithm, but total rework mentioned elsewhere.



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Sunday, September 9th 2012, 2:17am

I'm human so i may have missed some. Also only post from Alblaka in the Suggestion and IC2 Archive from "January-01-2012" to "Today()" have been included in this search.

Also this list only suggestion where alblaka have showed some interest in it and/or considered doing at a time. No specifics given in most if not all of these links. (Like for example the mentioning of the Luminator Rework or the Legendary Industrium Conflict

Bronze Cables

Obtainable CF Wall blocks

Luminator Rework

Industrium Conflict

(Don't Know how to name this one, something to do with Luminators)

Indicators for fill status on ElectricBlocks

Gas Blocks

GeoGens and RP Liquid Tubes

Compass,GPS or Beacons

Base in a Box

Dynamite Inserter (And possibly Pre-Tagged Dynamite?)

Reinforce CF blocks

Electric Lighter

ZPM (Some Unlimited Generator for Creative/debug/Adventure maps)

Rework on Solar Panels?

Snow and other opaque blocks blocking Solar Panel

Rework of the Quantum Suit to be upgradeable

Some approach (Not specified) to enchant/upgrade tools/machines

Disable some UUM recipes via config files

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Saturday, September 22nd 2012, 6:05pm

Smart Shiftclicking

Since RichardG said, that he tries to do smart Shiftclicking, we should make him fully responsible for it. :D

Smart Shiftclicking

@FallenDead: Yes, i count as Dev, but not for IC², lol.
I don't say, your "insert whatever here" is bad, I'm only showing possibilities for making it better.

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Patreon really helps me out, so if you consider funding the development of GT, so I might be able to do it full time, why not?

GregTech 6, the Main Thread, Bug Reports go here too.

I'm also reachable on #gt-dev on, if you don't want to make a Forum account to contact me, for example. ;)
(I'm there almost every day, but only when I'm at my own computer, and yes you can drop bugs there too)

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Tuesday, September 25th 2012, 6:38pm

Electric chunkloader

It is not really my suggestion, but i support it, its not on the list and Player said it sounded nice.

Electric chunkloader
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Wednesday, October 10th 2012, 6:34pm

just to ask, becouse this seems to not beeing updated or went out of interrest.

- just delete this if i'm wrong with this.


Wednesday, October 10th 2012, 6:40pm

Is going to be replaced by a fully functional bugtracker within the next few days, accordingly not going to bother updating it ^^

But thanks for reminding me of this thread's existance XD


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