Gregtech Fusion Reactor 1.6.4 (Deuterium & Tritium)

  • Lets be honest now. Gregtech is an amazing addon to IC2. On the 1.6 server i have been playing on, my friends and i have been swiftly progressing through the tech tree. I am at the point where materials are of no matter to me, and I can construct nearly every machine that I desire. When setting up for the new fusion reactor though (I had built and fully automated one in the 1.5 version) I ran into a kink. In order to fuel the tritium deuterium reaction i am planning on using, the staring point is hydrogen. However, in the newest version of gregtech the only renewable way to produce hydrogen is by electrolyzing 6 electrolyzed water cells to get 4 hydrogen, and I am not sure the amount of machines required to do this. Any help on this matter would be much appreciated, and again the cost is of no matter i just need to know the amounts of machines for every step of automation. Thanks again! :)

  • Old calculations, may not be accurate

    | Fusion Reactor Maths

    128 ticks is 6.4 seconds
    4,000,000 ticks is 200,000 seconds
    Produces 1 He3 cell per 128 ticks
    Consumes 1 Deuterium and 1 tritium cell per 128 ticks
    requires 4096 EU/t for reaction
    1 He Plasma cell produces 8,192,000 EU at 2048 EU/t
    1 He Plasma cell burns for 4,000,000 ticks

    | Process |

    4 hydrogen per 93,000 EU and 38 seconds
    1 deuterium per 4 hydrogen at 15,000 EU and 150 seconds
    1 tritium per 4 deuterium at 15,000 EU and 150 seconds
    1 liquid transposition per 160 MJ at 4 MJ/t and 2 seconds

    | Results |

    1 tritium per 16 hydrogen
    1 reactant pair per 20 hydrogen
    Reactant pair requires 190 seconds and 465,000 EU for H
    Reactant pair requires 750 seconds and 75,000 EU for De
    Reactant pair requires 150 seconds and 15,000 EU for T
    Reactant pair requires 555,000 EU
    Reactant pair requires 320 MJ


    6.4seconds = TimeForProcess / Machienes
    Machienes = TimeForProcess / 6.4seconds

    | Results |

    30 Electrolyzers to process H from water
    118 Centrofuges to process De from H
    20 Centrofuges to process T from De
    2 plasma gens to keep reaction running
    needs 138 Centrifuges, 30 electrolyzers
    3,840 EU/t for the electrolyzers
    4,416 EU/t for the centrifuges
    8,256 EU/t total
    2 transposers to transpose liquid
    5 plasma gens needed to power machienes
    8,704 available from fusion
    175 fuel to jumpstart
    11,000 tin cells

    aques produces more that 6 every 38

  • See buts thats just the problem :( in the new version of gregtech 1.6.4, u cannot process hydrogen directly from water. You now need to electrolyze water into electrolyzed water, and then 6 electrolyzed water into 4 hydrogen cells. Any idea what do do about that? Again, much appreciated :D (10 sec for 1 electrolyzed water, 5 sec for 6 electrolyzed water into 4 hydrogen)

  • 30 seconds of math. You really should learn to do this yourself.

    1 tritium per 128 ticks = 6.4 seconds
    150s per tritium

    24 tritium centrifuges (6 OC 2x) 80 EU/t each

    120 deuterium centrifuges (30 OC 2x) 80 EU/t each

    480 hydrogen per 150 seconds

    5 secs * 48 electrolyzers = 24 water cells (24 OC 1x) 480 EU/t each
    5 secs * 4 electrolyzer = 16 hydrogen (2 OC 1x)

  • Overclockers can speed up the process, and reduce the number of centrifuges needed. But I don't have the time to do the math, I just know that if it produces enough, that's good enough, and any extras can go to a buffer of sorts, that emits redstone when it is too full, deactivating the centrifuges/electrolyzers until it is empty again.