[GregTech] The new Brewing System, post your discoveries here! (Don't cheat by looking into the Code or by using Debug Tools)

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    I have recently added a Brewing System to GregTech, and now you people should find out what Recipes there are (would also be useful for the Wiki guys, since I don't tell more than the basic Recipes).

    In case you dont know how the brewing Machine works it goes that way:
    Insert 750 Liters of Liquid
    Insert Ingredient Item
    Use the Fluid-AutoOutput to fill it into a different Tank, a Fluid canner or a second Brewery (since many recipes require chaining of multple Breweries).

    The Brewing Machine can do every Potion too, but unless the Recipes you discovered are not on the MC Wiki (there are some), you don't need to post them.

    Glowstone, Redstone and Gunpowder can turn almost everything into a mundane Potion if used wrongly (that is always a result of failure)

    The Fermenter is even easier:
    Insert 50 Liters of Liquid and wait for it to ferment (requires EU and takes much longer than the Brewery)
    Use Fluid-AutoOutput to fill it into Tanks or Fluid Canners, you know, just like above.

    This results in either alcoholic beverages or fuels, or some other Stuff.

    Just post your discovery below and also tell the Recipe for it. And only post Recipes (or questions regarding Recipe Posting). Everything else would be deleted.

    And remember, don't cheat by looking into the Code.

  • What do you do when life gives you lemons? You make Cave Johnson's Grenade Juice!

    Recipe= Lemonade + Gunpowder in the brewery. Drink may cause explosions. But it tastes great!

    Condensed Fanboy Tears(I mean uh, salty water. Yeah.)

    Recipe= Water + (you guessed it) Salt in the brewery.

    Now you see me, now you don't...