***NOW PUBLIC ON ATL*** [1.7.10] Project Greg - Bringing back the good old GregTech [ATLauncher]

  • Project Greg is a light weight GregTech pack that will help bring back the old playing styles from 1.4.7. The main goal of this pack is to bring people a real challenge not one of those over used HQM packs. This is a true hard pack with a ton of custom recipes to help enchanes how the gameplay is and bring a real challenge to the user. This pack also bring more playing time so instead of playing for a day or two you will be playing for months to get to the true end-game. Enjoy!

    Get it on the ATLauncher!


    - GregTech
    - Old automation using IC2, and BuildCraft
    - Harder Recipes
    - More gameplay
    - Actually has an end-game.

    Feel Free to ask questions in the comment section.


    If you are running a server and would like it posted here
    please let me know.

    We are currently running a public server that is include in the pack itself.


    ATLauncher Page: https://www.atlauncher.com/pack/ProjectGreg/

  • Website: http://doughnutdev.com/ seems to be kinda missing... is the pack stopped or?

    Sorry we ran in to some issue and the production of the pack was put on hold but we are starting to update and we got the server pack up and running. Currently we do no have a website. I hope to have on running in the next few weeks, but we are more then welcome to have people come play on the pack and server, and sorry for the long delay on the reply.