The driller. Or rather the dentist?

  • So in the previous suggestion some guys told me i'm kinda nooby. So lets try to fix that. So wassup' biatches(no offense intended)? maybe a bit too much. Let's try to get the middle. The denti... NO! i said middle!

    The driller.

    So a driller would drill holes into teet... i mean blocks so you can put cables trough them. it would make really good of a use when you want to hide cables. And Chocohead would now say: but we already have construction foam witch you can use for hiding cables really easely. But what if i want to use wood, or i dunno, wood? it would be useful. So a suggestion for the machine itself. you choose in the gui what blocks you want to drill, the sides you're gonna drill trough and your drill. It would also be useful if you followed my machine suggestions bcs if you didn't drill on one side, cables wouldn't connect so you can place cables side by side. and the only reason i thought of the driller and not a facade like thing from buildcraft, because originality. So what do you think?

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    There's already a tool for disguising construction foam as other blocks (presumably including wood):

    It does wood very well, you can even copy it facing sideways or the bottom face if you'd rather have that than the vertical texture.

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