Industrial Assembler

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    Industrial Assembler
    Industry's number one automated crafting solution!

    I'll keep it simple:
    I want an autocrafter. Like BC's auto-crafting table, but on electricity (and faster)(and upgradeable).

    Here are two textures for it, one for the top in inactive state, the other while it's active
    (I attached them to this post.)
    The other sides should just use the "normal" machine side and bottom textures

    PS: Isn't it a bit strange that an autocrafter still doesn't exist in IC2 after so many years?

  • There is quite advanced automatic crafters in other mods, e,g, EnderIO, RFTools. I have no doubt that a more pragmatic players will always use the cheapest and easiest option available, and so this assembler will be ignored.

    His Superior Darkness Earl Cat blesses everybody who reads this with aroma of catnip and bergamot. :Industrial Diamond:

  • Well, right. But what if you don't use these? It maybe won't make much sense in those kitchen sink packs, but if you just want to play IC2, and you want to automate, say, Scrap Box production, what will you do now? Also it doesn't need to be expensive, the recipe could be as simple as a crafting table, a machine block and an electric circuit, maybe a chest or some redstone, it shouldn't cost more :D

  • I also do not think its a good idea to implement this. Yeah a Autocrafter is a good idea in itself but where a lot of mods already provide a autocrafter & modpacks are mostly a common based thing with a lot of mods. There are no modpacks under 30 mods out there... (I have not seen one since years) its pretty much unlikly to miss a modpack without an autocrafter. And if you miss one then its either intendet or not wanted to automaticly craft stuff...
    Idea good in it self but useless nowdays...
    We are already in a cycle based system we do not need to support that...