What happened to the wiki?

  • I was just looking at the "Recipes_and_Resources" page on the wiki (from the link on the left menu). This confused me a lot - since a lot of information seems to have vanished.

    After some research I noticed that the page I was looking for "Recipes_and_Resources_(experimental)" is still there - but its no longer linked on the menu on the left. Also the download page in the wiki feels wrong.

    Did something happen there?

  • It's not vanished at all, just the page now gives you the option to go to the experimental recipes or the old classic ones. I could move it back so that it has all the experimental ones and a link to go to the classic ones but the current solution seems the most logical.

    The download page hasn't changed for the most part, all the Setup, FAQ and Current IC2 Bugs are basically the same since they were last changed for 1.2.5 ish whilst the actual download links are all up to date. Not sure what would feel wrong compared to how it has been recently.

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