Solar Helmet nonfunctional, Experimental 1.8.9 <RESOLVED>

  • I am running 1.8.9 experimental.
    I crafted a solar helmet. I put it on. I put on a partly depleted jetpack. I was fully exposed to the sun in daylight. The jetpack did not charge. 30k power should take 25 minutes to charge, but I should go from 27.7k to 27.8k in 5 seconds assuming 20 EU/second.
    It also did not work with a Bat-Pack.

    Tried restarting the game, removing each equipment and putting it back on.

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    Which version of IC2 are you using? There was a bug with solar helmets not charging but it was fixed in IC2 2.3.244

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  • 2.3.224

    Thing is. I am running 1.8.9, and this is the latest version for it so far as I could tell.

    Or, rather, The wiki download wasn't working, and I used a third party source instead. Which was clearly outdated.

    Download worked, and the newset version works fine. Resolved.