My Fully working LZH-cooled reactor.

  • Hi, i got a new reactor. Has6 cores, HAS 27 quad uranium cells (really massive!) and 27 LZH too.

    Outputs EV-Voltage (Extreme Voltage) and.. and I must put on output an :HV-Transformer: (HV-Transformer). Then, It 1 time did EXPLODE, because I don't turn on forcefield. Don't worry, I repaired batteries, and anything broken too. Ok, let's go to the show.

    1. My reactor setup. (I made it to make the reactor never overheat and never will heat up). <img src="" alt="4k19s" title="4k19s" style="font-size: 0.8em;" />

    If image don't work: try

    Does high energy, but costs maany lapis and uranium.

    2. 6-th core - cooling. (Crafts only UU-matter.)

    If don't work:
    Has same setup, too. As you see, the Industrial Information Panel has blue screen. How I did do it? In 3rd slot of panel is an item called "Color Upgrade".

    3. Battery Look and panels of reactors.

    If don't work:
    As you see, the panels also are blue, with Color Upgrade too.

    1 battery - 7 MFSU
    1 MFSU- 10 millions of EU.

    7x10,000,000 = 70,000,000.

    5x 70,000,000 = 350,000,000.

    So we got 350,000,000 EU capacity.

    MFSU are set to "Emit if full" redstone option. If its full, thankfully to RP2 I made lamps. (On screen you can see a lot of things from RP2 too).

    I made this reactor on 1.4.7, with Tekkit Lite modpack.

    4. Lift look. Down side.

    If don't work:

    I did do a thing, if lift is in down side, when I press "Call" it's being blocked. Only if there is in up, it activates the "AND gate" from RP2 by Wireless Receiver/Transmitter. Also there I used RPM (Red Power Machinery), RPMC (Red Power Microblocks), an RPL (Red Power Lightning).

    5. My Breeder setup. (Re-Enriched Uranium Cell = there must be an Depleted Isotope Cell).

    If img dont work:
    You can see there the Thick Neutron Reflectors, to boost the breeding.
    Remember, DO NOT use "Near-Depleted Uranium cell", else it won't work!
    To make Depleted Isotope cell, take from a reactor "Near-Depleted Uranium Cell", and a Coal Dust.

    Crafting Recipe:

  • To the Counters I added "Transformer Upgrade". It increases produced eu. This makes low efficient - but More energy, I only rely on the income from the reactor.

    We got: 5x2580 - we got 12,900 EU/t production.

    Look at 128 - 32 (increased power by counter but lower effiency).
    96 x 5 = 480.
    12,900 + 480 = 13,380.