UUmatter recipe for SGCraft naquadah

  • I tried this in the config, no luck:
    SGCraft:naquadah = 50000

    Any tips on how to get this to work?


  • Are you sure, SGCraft:naquadah is the registry item of naquadah?

    No, I'm not sure. I used F3-H to get the metadata, as I read in another forum. I've never tried to do anything like this before, so not sure how to set it up on my server. I figure once I got this one sorted, I could figure it out for other materials I wanted to get into the config.

  • Anyone have any information on this request? Google has been unhelpful any farther than the line I entered that has not worked.

  • I know of two ways to get the proper internal name for an item/block (there might be others that I don't know about):
    1. MineTweaker/CraftTweaker's "/mt hand" to get the exact internal name of the item/block plus metadata and even NBT tags.
    2. NEI Integration config file options (if you're using 1.7.10 - you can set it to always show internal names, only when F3+H advanced tooltips are shown, only when shift is held, or a combination of the two), or JEI (if you're using 1.8.9 - F3+H advanced tooltips automatically shows internal names as well as ids and metadata).