[1.4.5] InventionCraft ANARCHY! [Dedicated Server | IC | BC | RP | Forestry | Mystcraft | and more! | MCUpdater]

  • Just saw you had an issue. In the future, you might want to post these in our forums - inventioncraft.com

    I check there much, much more often than I check here, so you're much more likely to get a response and/or help.

    Glad to have you back!

  • can u look more active in teh forums pls?
    i wannt to play and i already installed all mods

    ... what?

    I check my forums constantly. Just because your application hasn't been accepted doesn't mean I am not active in my forums. We've had a flood of applications since 1.0, and it's resulted in people having to wait a little longer to get in.

  • We have moved to a new host and are now using a ram disk set up. Performance should be great increased.

    We are patiently waiting for a new version of IC before updating to 1.1, and then we'll be redoing a few things on the server

    (world stays - mainly just updating plugins, adding some new ones, redoing spawn, etc.).

    Come apply and have fun at InventionCraft!

  • After way too long of a wait, we are finally live on Minecraft 1.1!

    With this comes IC, BC and RP updates, a switch to compact solars, and updates to ALL plugins.

    Come check it out!

    We will also be introducing a second server coming in the next couple of weeks and the launch of our new website.

  • We've finally launched our new website and will be launching our second server hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

    We're also looking to be one of the very first hosts of a Starbound server when it releases later this Summer.

  • We have completely relaunched InventionCraft!

    New Map, New Mods, New Plugins, New Players!

    Also, Forestry was added!

    Come join up and get in while everyone is starting fresh.

  • We just finished moving to our own, dedicated server.

    We had too many people for a VPS to handle and are growing rapidly!

    Come join up with the best modded experience in town.

    Great community, auto installer mod pack, and more!


  • We're adding new members every day.

    Also, we're giving away a couple Steam games for a current build contest we're doing. If you hurry, you might be able to get something built and enter before it's due.

    After the Build Contest, we are planning a Spleef Tournament that will also have a Steam giveaway.

    Join up today!

  • DynMap is back!

    We are currently rendering our worlds in full HD. If you haven't seen DynMap with support for all of our mods in HD, come check it out. It's pretty neat.

    -- Note: the map is still rendering, so the full HD won't be available for a couple hours.


  • Updated to 1.103 with appropriate sub mods updated.

    Come check it out and sign up for the Spleef Tournament. Winners will get Humble Bundles.