Do i need to push power out of my generators or is power transfer handled automatically??

  • Also if output is handled automatically how would i make it output every second instead of tick because i need to check the blocks above me for total power?

  • It’s a pretty absurd question, I’ll grant you. But I guess I’ll answer it just the same.

    You don’t need to “push” power anywhere. It automatically flows out of the generator to any machine that’s using it via cables.

    You can’t alter a basic mechanic like how often power is generated. It’s always generated and consumed on a per-tick basis, not a per-second basis. I’m not sure why you’d want to change this, since all consumption is stated per tick, not per second.

    The rest of your question isn’t quite comprehensible. If you’re concerned about total demand vs. supply, add the demand of the machines you expect to run simultaneously.

  • “How does this work if I’m implementing a new EU source in my mod” is a very different question from “as a player do I need to extract EU from a generator using a device.” The question makes a bit more sense if it’s the former. Though I’m speaking in ignorance of the API, for all I know it may have an obvious answer if you’ve looked at it.

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    Since this seems to be lacking a conclusive answer, IEnergySource#getOfferedEnergy determines how much power is drawn from an energy source each tick. Accounting for the maximum the tier from IEnergySource#getSourceTier can transfer per tick, the energy net will then try to move that to any connected energy storage or sinks. If any power is transferred IEnergySource#drawEnergy(double) will be called to allow you to drain any buffer the source may have.

    There isn't a direct way to announce you want to send power every second rather than tick, but it is possible to emulate the effort. For example you could send 20 packets in one go and count the 19 ticks afterwards to send nothing, but the resulting power flow would be quite jerky if watched flowing into a batbox. Alternatively you could over send if the adjacent blocks should have meant more power previously should have been emitted to make the difference up (but this requries the normal output to have some extra headroom compared to the maximum output for the tier). There's probably other methods too, all depends on how the neighbouring blocks effect the output.

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