How to change the standard values ​​of the recipe from the matter? And how to remove some standard recipe?

  • I want to change some values of the amount of matter, but I can only add a new recipe (non-standard item) or change the cost of iridium. But I need to change the price, for example, for copper, iron, etc.

    In IC2.ini:

    ; Format: <name> [@ metadata] = <value>
    [balance / uu-values / predefined]
    IC2:itemOreIridium = 50000

    This is only one value that changes. Following the example, I add the lines:

    IC2:blockOreCopper = 500
    minecraft:diamond = 15000

    But when I create a new world and scan an item, it has a standard price.

    I also want to delete some standard recipes, for example, emeralds. How can I do that?

    My MC version 1.7.10

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