[1.12.2 / 2.8.170-ex112] how to get UU-liquid from mass fabricator?

  • Hi there,

    I have a problem: the mass fabricator only spits out uu-matter, the replicator only accepts uu-liquid.

    The wiki seems to have the same confusion:


    The Mass Fabricator is an advanced machine that generates Universal-Usable Matter. This liquid is capable of creating almost everything in Minecraft itself in the replicator.

    Is there a way to bridge that gap?

  • Hi from 2021,

    If you want to use the Mass Fabricator you will need to use the UU Assembly Bench. Unfortunately I don't think there is a recipe to craft that machine. You can probably add a recipe with a custom shaped_recipes.ini. (Open up the IC2 Jar file, copy shaped_recipes.ini from IC2Jar/assets/ic2/config into your minecraft/config/ic2 folder, then modify it to add a new recipe)

    Come to think of it, I don't think there's a recipe for the Mass Fabricator, either.

    The Wiki article is outdated and I should probably fix it. You are supposed to use a Matter Fabricator, which is a wholly different machine that produces liquid UU-Matter. There is a tutorial which is up-to-date here: