[IC2 Exp][1.12.2] More Electric Tools

  • Welcome to the electrical world, MoreElectricTools [METS] is an addon mod based on the Industrial Craft 2 Experimental.

    Using GT5 and IC2 as reference, METS added new machines, laser weapons and more power tools to enrich IC2 players' choices.





    The configuration file is in config/mets.cfg, change files manually to update the settings.

    Recommended configuration:

    Forge 1.12.2-

    Industrialcraft-2-2.8.188-ex112 or 2.8.194 to 2.8.218

    METS may have compatibility bugs with the latest version of IC2, it is recommended to use the stable version.

    All sounds are from Freesound (Sounds author: marcuslee and JavierZumer)

    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/min…-mods/more-electric-tools

    Issue: https://github.com/lr8soft/MoreElectricTools_Tracker

  • hayo, i downloaded the addon, looking cool so far, but i cant seem to progress through its tech tree, in particular the nano living metal.
    the nano living metal is made in the aggregator, yet the aggregator requires living circuits made from the nano living metal to craft.
    is there a way of obtaining it that isnt marked in JEI (ic2 machines dont work too well with JEI after all) or is it like, found in dungeon chests etc, or do i have to add my own recipe?