Server: Medieval Rage

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    Server Info
    Last update - N/A
    Ip -
    Slots - N/A
    Monsters - On
    Animals - On
    Host - allGamer
    Payments - P4F (Play4Free)


    Quote from Killlerbeez

    The server will be just as well handled as Industrial Rage, getting support by Alblaka himself. You can read the thread for info on the mod and progress of it. Yes, I am helping test it atm.
    The server will be 100% PvP. This will include theft and killing etc. Everyone will be able to join Guilds (almost required) so that Castles and the such will be made. If you don't like PvP, this won't be the server/mod for you.
    I haven't decided any specifics beyond that except that it will most likely be Whitelist/Application driven at this point in time as long as donations are provided.


    Coming soon...