Slight issue, Known bug thread does not contain all known bugs.

  • I think this can result in more people posting duplicate bug reports, that might already be fixed for the new version, but never were stated to be known (in that thread), nor as fixed for next version. I personally do not want to search the entire section to find out whether or not a bug was reported, and fixed, especially with a thread that is supposed to have all of them there.

    Can this please be remedied?

  • Well, Obviously anyone could do that, And not do it.

    I have little issue with doing that, but It seems a bit odd that the Bug report thread somehow lacks this information, which means, that anyone who reads the *READ THIS FIRST*, part of it, Will probably assume, Incorrectly, That anything not on that list is unknown.

    It seems odd to have a convinient and outdated source of information, while the inconvient source of information is innately up to date, meaning that, Because pretty much everyone is lazy, Will tend to either not use either, or Use the convinient one, unless they actually KNOW that it is way outdated, in which case they will either not use either, or use the search function.