Suggestion: Nano-suit as Quantum-suit component

  • name: Nano-suit as Quantum-suit component
    Discription: Nano-suits seem a bit useless now, because aside from using a diamond, and not really being all that durable, They are not even a component of the most powerful type of armor anymore (used to be the advanced nano-suit used them)
    So I was thinking of adding the nano-suit as part of the quantum suit recipe as a good idea. It would not majorly increase the cost (at least not much considering the cost already, because adding 4 diamonds and 60 coal would not be much compared to, uhm, How much UUM do you need now? Like 28 per plate?

    (some of the icons are still missing, Nano-boots, Laptron crystal, machine, advanced alloy, as well as many of the base minecraft ones. Also, there are some duplicates, such as refried iron, and any one of them starting with an uppercase, specifcally :Diamond Drill: , end up with that smily on the front)

    (replaced laptron with energy crystal, and nano-boots with bronze boots, glowstone with gold dust, and machine with advanced machine, due to missing icons)

    :Force Field::Force Field::Iridium::Energy Crystal::Iridium:
    :Quantum-Helmet: == :Advanced Circuit::Nano-Helmet::Advanced Circuit:
    :Force Field::Force Field:
    :Force Field::Force Field::Intergrated Plating::Energy Crystal::Intergrated Plating:
    :Quantum-Bodyarmor: == :Iridium::Nano-Bodyarmor::Iridium:
    :Force Field::Force Field::Iridium::Intergrated Plating::Iridium:
    :Force Field::Force Field: :Advanced Machine::Energy Crystal::Advanced Machine:
    :Quantum-Leggings: == :Iridium::Force Field::Iridium:
    :Force Field::Force Field::Gold Dust::Nano-Leggings::Gold Dust:
    :Force Field::Force Field:
    :Quantum-Boots: == :Iridium::Bronze Boots::Iridium:
    :Force Field::Force Field: :Rubber Boots::Energy Crystal: :Rubber Boots:

  • Totally agree. I only built the nano suit once. It felt like a waste of materials. I'd rather use iron or bronze armor and save up for the quantum suit. It wouldn't feel like a waste if I knew I was eventually going to upgrade it.

  • Agreed! It felt rewarding upgrading from Nano to Nano+ back in IC1, and now I really don't have a reason to invest in Iridium for 'fancy armor'...

    Would really like to see the Nano suit be apart of the gear tiers again. Atm it feels like an old, lost relic of some sorts....

    Would anyone like to try a Slowpoke Tail?! Only 1 Million Yen!


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