Suggestion: Pneumatic Tubes!!!! :D

  • Well pneumatic tubes are vaccum tubes where you can go in and use it as elevator or way of transportaion :D

    To build one you have to put a vaccum turbine on the top of your building and must power it constantly of 50 Eu every second(to make it balanced and it is ment for tier 2). once done that you have to place a tube every floor and also a control panel next to it. Once also done that you have to name every level thourgh the control panels GUI, Once done that too(again) you have a fully working elevator :D. Now how to use it, just use the coltrol panel and select what level you want the the tube will open and close once you are inside, then it will open once you are there :D

    You can also use it for land travel just do the same thing but instead of levels just do other names :D But you need to add a Vaccum turbine every 10 blocks :D


    Wind Generator O

    Glass |

    Cable -

    Iron /

    space .

    Machine M

    vaccum turbine:

    / O /

    / - /

    | . |


    - . /

    | . |

    / . -

    Control panel:

    / / /

    - M /

    - / /