will Industrial Craft update to 1.2.3?

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    *Cracks Knuckles* NO UPDATE FOR YOU!!! i have a theory... you deliberately ignored the "asking for an update" post, made an account just to be a troll because you think it makes you "clever" well if you get your jollys for being a rebel on forums id suggest go to reddit its the perfect place for loosers.... (also update pushed back by 1 further week due to the complete lack of respect by the OP)

    P.S. Update: The deadline is postponed by another week due to update request trigger

  • If he's creating a throwaway account just to make an end-run around the rule, it should be easy enough to ban him by IP.

    But if the rest of us are going to have to wait longer due to it, you should provide us with his contact information so we can properly "Thank" him for it. :p

  • reading the same old asking "when", i think i wait, i'm full of work so i ca think of my lil game only in the spare times, i do many works, so i know to respet other's work
    keep up the work
    i din't wanna ask, but i' curious
    i understand if the map became bigger, and change completely in the axis way, and change in another format, portability is necessary?, i built a lot, i even have a lil server with friends (now closed, waiting you), but if you say portability is impossible or too much time, so be it, no problem.
    also why it can't read all the new slot?, isn't it better if someone coordinate the range? and how can it only read the over 255 as item only?

    sorry curiosity, also 3.30 in italy, after a full day of work
    i'll not ask for a release, only to understand the problem (like a log), so i appreciate better your work, also so people can stay tamed in asking
    when i work in pizzeria 3 days a week, he know exactly how much time i need to cut or cook, so if i delay a little he yell, because he is the owner, and a pro
    but when i repair pc, most people think "30 minuts to format a pc", i let them see how, i do it in front of them, so they know how much time is needed and they don't bug off, asking on the phone (is it ready?) even if they ask how much longer???, i sayid for xp homesp2+sp3+driver and basic app 1.5 to 2.5 hours, and after 30 minuts they ask "in 10 minuts is done?" how?
    if you need a server, i in the next month will need to upgrading my server, so i can put more. 24/7

    edit. i spend 80 euro at month in phone so if i don't use it i will downgrade the adsl, sorry for the bad language

  • Not asking for a when, but NO? No as in "NO, I won't give you that information since it doesn't exist, bug off!" or no as in "No, we are abandoning the entire project out of spite for your noobish idiocy, and have given up all hope of IC2 ever existing ever again!!! MinecraftCreeper "

    If you mean the latter.... ;(

    IC2 would just be so fun with the high vanilla height limit... I wanna space station... It can wait of course, but... ;(

  • Probably ought to lock this topic.

    And delete this post if you so desire.

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