Bug... i think: CFoam intereaction with non-solid blocks.

  • i noticed when i built a castle out of construction foam that i could not place certain items on the foam, mainly cables. i don;t think i could place other items either like BC Pipes. it seems the only thing i can remember being able to put on them was Torches.

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  • err.. this is a bug?
    Just wait for it to dry (or grab a few stacks of sand and force the issue) then do whatever you want.
    Construction Foam isn't supposed to be around for long.

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    Jep, CF Foamns unique ability set (transparent, suffocating) causes a few amusing results when trying to have it interact with different things.
    Wait until it's dried, usually does the trick.

  • Yeah, but CF doesn't work too good on cables either.
    I needed to make a tube out of cobblestone for foaming it, but it still splashed in my face.

    You're right Alblanka, it is unique! :love: