SMP bug with minecraft crash

  • On my personal server (max 6 people) i can see that everyone gets an error and have to relaunch game
    On server you can see

    I have writed it with hand soo somethink may be not write
    I can see only that minecraft eats 1gb of ram and it is out of memmory
    i start to hate it sometimes it is once a hour sometimes every 5min :cursing:
    Please help me if you know whats the reason and how to fix
    Or at least PLEASE tell me what is creating this error (may be creating)

  • Just get it off the server's console.

    In java it just writes me
    [INFO] GreatOne lost connection: disconnect.genericReason
    and in run console it writes

    Code Connection reset
    at Sourse)
    at Sourse)
    at Sourse)
    at lx.a(SourseFile:145)
    at qq.h(
    at qq.c(

    i dont really know what else i can give you

  • Have found bug in smp didnt whanted to create a new tread.
    if you use a super heat lazer mod on a wood it will corrupt server, after that you will not be able to cook charcoal in induction furnice, until you restart server.
    It is also with cacti and many other stuff, also if you will try to obtain more than 1 chacoal, with super heat mode, it will also corrupt and you will get only 1 charcoal and even it can dissapear.
    Soo new mod is REALLY COOL but have bugs hope you will fix it ;)
    Good luck

    p.s NO bukkit! Usual SMP, from mods only IC forestry and ironchest.

  • sorry if I practice some Thread necromancy here, but I've got the same issue

    this is what the server reads

    here's the server starting up

    Client crashlog is impossible to retrieve. Normal batch won't cut it, as it only happens on SMP, and Minecraft error will just hang waiting for MC to crash, which doesn't happen

    As always, thanks for any help. You've always been extremely helpful to anyone having any kind of trouble. I cannot thank you enough