Suggestion for irridium plates

  • Hi just have some suggestions
    1st a new storage unit with irridium plates in it
    2nd new advancer reactor chainbers with irridium plates wich would cool reactor much better and allowed reactor to take more heat
    3rd a new crystal with irridium ore (dont know how it will be named ;) )

    Also would like to see some EU transported with radiowaves(or any other wireless way) (in reallife we can use this i have seen it on discovery ))
    And maybe a new ultrapack with 1plate 1 lappack and 6 end blocks (or somethink else, i just dont know what it will use) and it would store 1-1.2m energy

    Really hope you will like thouse ideas Allmighty Alblaka

  • Welcome to the forum.
    I and a olot of others already posted things like that:
    Tier IV and wireless EU has been denied.
    Alblaka won't do it, sadly.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D