The Demonlord Chronicles - Plot/Action?

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    What do you want? 9

    1. Background / Character Evolution (5) 56%
    2. As much text, parts, chapters as possible. (5) 56%
    3. Plot / Story (3) 33%
    4. Action / Fighting Scenes (0) 0%

    Whilst I have quite a dozen parts of Chapter II finished, I've realised they're QUITE inconsistent and whilst the lengths of both character is about same long, the second one still misses some plot, which made me skip some intermediate scenes and push the plot with off-scene events. Not entirely sure about this and probably going to rewrite, extending, a fair bit of the second chapter. Which again means I cannot realise anything but the first parts right now.

    I would like to have my readers oppinion in this regard: What do you want in / like the most in regards to TDC?
    - The actual actionscenes, the fighting and other stuff including magic, inhuman abilitys and suchlike.
    - The simple dialogues, background information and the connectiosn the characters build up.
    - The actual main storyline evolving around TDC.
    - Just anything.

    Feel free to pick multiple choices, though it would be adviseable not to just pick all 4 answers ^^'

  • Actually I am interested in "AAAAAAALL the things" :D. I wish for character development / background information, just as I wish for a cool story, adventures, funscenes, dialogues, Runningsgags, twists, "offtopic"/fun scenes (dialogs with bartenders and so on) and also a little "randomness" . Also genereal information about the world, citys, religion, history aaaaaand so on are imporant and interesting.

    Still want to see an RPG-Maker Game featuring this story / world :D

    Anyway keep up the good work :D


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    I've currently revised the first ten parts of the second chapter, filling in a few minor gaps and are probably going to rewrite everything starting from 11.
    Chapter could most likely turn out a fair bit longer then the first one ^^'

    Btw, don't think you will have any bartender scenes anytime soon, though ;)

    Still want to see an RPG-Maker Game featuring this story / world :D

    If I wouldn't be disliking RPGs for the sake of them just not fitting my niche, I would probably write one myself.
    Overall the given world is quite well suited for RPGs... In case somebody did notice, so far ALL of my fantasy-themed non-earth storys take place in the same world... though scattered across quite a few thousand years. (I should definitely write the one novel regarding the creation of Darakeyn at some point)

  • But you should...
    If you used RPG Maker, i think you could do wonders with it, and your story is very good.