Kitchen for sale London

  • [font='&quot']What
    did I know about kitchens a month ago? Nothing. What Do I know now? Everything.
    I know how to plan one, I know how to find a cheap kitchen and I know how to
    fit one. So how do you plan a kitchen? Easy, you get onto google, you search
    for cheap kitchens and you ask them all to come out and plan your kitchen. Most
    of the companies out there will offer a free kitchen design service. OK. It may
    cost you a couple of packets of digestives and a few tea bags but the
    investment is well worth it. Although it’s a free service that they offer what
    they really want is your money. First of all they all try to be your friend but
    don’t be fooled by all their compliments
    as they don’t mean a word that they say. You really have to be strong and be
    prepared to tell them that you want to think about it. Some of these guys that
    come around are more salesmen than they are kitchen designers. And some take a
    lot more getting rid of than others. Take my advise and give space kitchens a
    miss, not only are they the most expensive
    but also they eat the most biscuits and give out the most greasy
    compliments. Five hours space were in my house and quoted me £8600. After a
    week of gathering quotes I went with a company called [/font][font='&quot'] . £1300 for the exact same
    kitchen that I was quoted £8,600 for. So you could say that that week of
    entertaining greasy salesmen saved me £7300. Approximately five months wages
    for me. Finally the kitchen arrived a week ago all units were built up and all
    drawers fitted, got my mate around who’s a handy man and we got the whole thing
    fitted in three days . In conclusion the
    hardest part of the job is listening to the salesmen but for £7300 well worth the experience. Thanks

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