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  • "GregTech machines have limitations on the amount of current they can accept," was a little misleading, and I don't think should be said anymore.

    "GregTech machines have limitations on the number of amps they can request," feels more right. With no electrical load, there is no current flow, only potential energy.

  • Because GT electricity is pull-based and not push-based? Fair enough.


    GT Machines with less than full EU buffers request that energy be sent to them from their connected energy nets. Most machines request 2 Amps at a time, a few request 3, and Battery Buffers request as many Amps as they have batteries. Machines will always request the highest-voltage energy available. Energy-outputting blocks in the network respond to those requests by emitting energy. Generators can emit 1 Amp at a time, Down-Transfomers can emit 4, and Battery Buffers can emit as many Amps as they have batteries. Now is when cables become a potential problem. Those Amps have to travel through cables to be delivered. Each block of cable an EU Amp-Volt packet travels down causes its voltage to drop, usually by 1 but more in some cables. The problem is that each cable block has a fixed limit on the number of Amps that can be pulled through it at any given time. The thickness of a cable (1x, 2x, 4x, etc) multiplies and determines the number of Amps that can be pulled through. Cables also have a voltage limit, that is determined by the metal the cable is made of. If machines try to pull more Amps through a cable than the cable can take, or if the Amps pulled are at a higher voltage than the cable can take, the cable catches fire.


    • Machine requests energy
    • Generators output energy
    • Cables transport energy
    • Machines accept energy. If the energy is too high of voltage, the machines explode.
    • Cables count the amperage and voltage sent through them. If the amperage or voltage is too high, the cables burn.
  • Apparently ung_god proved it in a video? I haven't seen it, just what I've heard, so I dunno if that's correct.

    You probably are talking about the video i shown the diferent amounts of Eu you gain turning steam into power with said geneartors , it is indeed less power as the tier goes up, however a point people dont get , is the rate of energy is alot faster, 4x times, so you can keep the same tier of energy using less machines, and somewhat less fuel distribution, because while one mv turbine produce 128, to make it with lv you need 4 lv turbines suplyied. One thing that pushes the balance is how easy is for you to have fuel, if little then lv is better, can have more than you can spend, higher tiers are better.When and if greg ever add biogas to his diesel generators, i would use it instead of semi fluid asap.

    So i saw that now we are back to gt4, tools with metal handles, that is pretty fine, i was feeling strange tobe able to use wooden for everything, so much RC feels, you have left the wood version, just with nerfed durability like before. Now is wonder where those new parts are gonna be used...oh! already.

    Lately i am following the thread but hardly have any will to post or reply, since most of the last ones passed ignored, and most of the post other people do is random stuff with no point into GT at allm and when there is "help" ut follows the duct tape hint.

    Also have a good xmas people.

    Check my channel on YT for finished LPs (GT4 and GT5 ), and some stuff on 1.6.4
    I am realy not good with speech and english.

  • According to my Code, GT Electricity is Push based. Therefore "GregTech machines have limitations on the amount of current they can accept" is right.

    That is because of one simple fact: People have one Source of Energy and multiple Sinks for that Energy. That is how it always runs. If the Machines would pull Energy then each and every Machine connected to the Network would need to iterate over all possible Wires to find a possible Energy Source, what would lag horribly. But if the Energy Source iterates, then it is usually just one iteration over all possible Energy Sinks, since people don't build more than one Energy Source for their Machines.

    Note, that I do know that multiple Sources to one Sink can happen in case of Generators, but Generators are usually kept close to either a single Energy Storage or a Transformer to make it a single iterating output, because of Cable Loss, while Machines are built far away from that Main Source, the Generators are usually right next to the Transformers/BatteryBuffers to minimize Loss. And I just repeated myself within one Sentence...

  • How about just adding configs to change loss of generators should anyone want that?

    Or finally adding multiblock generators?

    Today i started building my first Reactorcraft multiblock turbines and they just look really impressive. But no idea how to get 200k RF/t out of a single connection to turn it into EU later.

    The only way I know of is to use a TE tesseract because it has unlimited bandwidth for energy.
    (or at least that's what people have been saying and I haven't found a cap yet)

  • Hi there, I've been following the mod for quite a while now without posting anything (i don't want to annoy you guys on your serious thread), but I'm really confuse, enough to come here.

    I started a new map few ago on a private server ; everything looked fine (except some bugged chunk border mountain/plain) until we began mining. I read somewhere that there were more big veins now, but what I found is quite excessive :

    I was looking for some surface ore and my friend went at y=30 ; he's the one who found it, a lazurite/lapis/sodalite vein which doesn't end : we haven't even found coal or iron yet, and the ammount of those ores is huge ; there are still plenty of them we didn't take in every directions. (considering we can still get ~10 units from the ore).
    I don't know why we got 3 lapis whereas everything else is ore (what are we supposed to drop ?).

    List of mods installed on the server :

    So is this generation normal ? Or does some mod create conflict ?

  • Wow, I'm sorry I missed that !
    That's original, I like the idea of exploiting careers.

    Thank you for the quick answers, and thanks for your awesome mod, Greg.

  • Oh yeah man. I'm playing Beyond Reality with a few mods removed and I'm actually finding myself to use.. wooden railcraft rails because the rolling machine is in the electric age. Literally the first person in history using them. I have a cart track coming from a gigantor iron mine with a train of 6-7 chest carts bringing the haul up top.

  • Hi guys, I have one big problem, what cause my brains to explode) i can't craft any basic, advanced, unersal etc. items, like basic macerator or advanced wiremill. In NEI they have no crafts, but i can give it's from there. So what i must do to solve it's problem?

  • I create my own modpack. Oh, God, without other mods it's work) So now need know in what mod is problem)
    If you can say, how mode make it's, I shall be happiness)
    Mod list

  • I'd place my bets on the crafting manager mod. Also: I recommend using MineTweaker for recipe changes if you know a bit of programming.
    Please don't put anymore of your problems in this thread for others to resolve cuz' some of us may get a liiiitle bit angry.

  • Keep your shirt on, AfterWind_.

    CraftingManager is probably the mod causing your recipe issue. If you remove it and the problem doesn't go away, then create a mod pack with just NEI, IC2, and GregTech, to make sure all the recipes are right there. If they are, then start adding mods back in until you find which mod caused the problem. (This is not a problem we have encountered here before, so you'll have to do some testing yourself.)