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  • It's realistic. Wood can't really cut wood IRL, so why would it in the game? Turns out we solved all these problems a long, long, long time ago.

    It's called tying sticks and rocks together! XD Romans did it for their mining right up until their fall, because metal was too expensive but rocks were everywhere. Smashy smashy rock, hit it with de rock!

    This is less the problem I'm trying to point out than the fact that the tier 2 rocks are useless and the granite is > iron. I think the tier 2 and 3 rocks should be demoted a level so that granite is the same tier but lower durability than iron. And FFS an iron pick should be able to mine it.

    I'm also amazed anyone would complain about startoff this late in the mod's development. It's only been like that for what, 4 years?

    Has it always been the case that a gt tool can't break things of one tier higher? I guess I used to start off with vanilla tools until I got some flint back before sticks and rocks spawned on the ground. What has changed more recently though ( in the new, new layer based worldgen ) is the new tier 2 and 3 rock types, and that's what really feels goofy. IIRC, granite did used to be higher tier ( though I thought you could break it with an iron pick.. but maybe it was obsidian? ), but it was relatively rare. Now you can't help but run into the stuff, so using a granite pick is basically a requirement ( and it is quite abundant ), which makes the first two tiers useless and that includes iron.

    Not true. 3 rocks are enough. Make a pick, mine 6 blocks of hard stone, then make a club out of those. Club allows you to smash cobble (mined with pickaxe preferably) into rocks, make a hammer, then use pick + hammer to make more rocks.

    Oh, I thought you had to have rocks rather than cobble to make the tools so I found 6 rocks and made a club first.

    Also, make raw steel pickaxe heads and combine them with flawed Q3 gems (diamond or Al2O3 based mostly) to get a fairly durable tier 3 pick.

    Steel is quite a bit further on than iron, since you need a good source of carbon, which pretty much means the coke oven + electrolyzer. And last time I checked, most gems you can add end up reducing its durability. Rather go with blue steel.

  • Well look at that; you no longer need steel to make a coke oven. I guess I don't need to hunt around for graphite now. It looks like you will need to set up a sulfuric acid mixing system to turn sugar into carbon though ( damn ashes in the centrifuge nerf ), and that will be fun without any stainless steel. It also brings back an old problem: how the hell do you get rid of excess water early on? You get a ton of water back out of the sugar + acid mixer, and there's no way to dump it back into the river or void it :(

  • Ender Garbage Bin, it exists. Not like you cant find Steel for that little bit that you need.

    Yea, but needs an ender pearl, which isn't that hard to get, and a blaze rod, which isn't so easy.

    It looks like to get carbon to make more steel, you need to find enough graphite to either make a steel roasting oven and dryer to go the acid/sugar route, or a galvanized steel dynamo and electrolyzer. I guess I need to find some more graphite and decide which one of those routes is less of a PITA.

  • Bug: purified tin ore won't sift in the sifting table. It takes it, but you can click on it all day and it won't process it.

    Tried to stop spamming click on the Table? Tried to Empty the Bottom Half of it? Just click the Sifting table once and it will automatically start sifting until you click something else.

  • Tried to stop spamming click on the Table? Tried to Empty the Bottom Half of it? Just click the Sifting table once and it will automatically start sifting until you click something else.

    Yea, that auto sifting thing isn't working either. I can sift lignite no problem but have to hold down the button. The bottom half hasn't got anything in it; the very first pile of tin or cassetirite just sits there until I break the sifting table. Oh strange. I just tried right clicking on the front of the table instead of the top and it sifted the tin.

  • For me auto sifting started to work when I moved sifting table to higher location (y>64).

    You are kidding, right? That is gonna be a nightmare to debug if that is true...

    Edit: Well I tested that Table above 64 and below 64, I also did all tests four times because I also checked positive and negative X and Z Coordinates aswell, and it worked in all cases. So there must be something you're doing wrong. Maybe give me exact coordinates where it doesn't work for you.

  • Hi Greg,

    Can you explain the internal logic of your transformers a little bit? I have a setup with 9 x 4 solar panels which connected immediately to ULV - LV which connects to 4 LV - MV -> 4 MV - HV transformers ( beneath each 3x3 set of solar panels). They then culminate in a HV - EV transformer at the center. See attachment. The power runs through a 12x aluminium cable from the HV - EV to a transformer at the other end from EV -> HV and so forth. My question is how can a setup which delivers at most 288 EU/t burn a 12x Aluminium Cable (12 amperes 2056Volt) ? Does the transformer store multiple (EV) packages and send them in spikes exceding 12 packages/tick ?

  • 8+8+8+8 RU/t => 32 EU/t => 128EU/t => 512 EU/t => 2048 EU/t, but your Setup really doesn't look like it does what you say it does. It might end up sending multiple packets synchronized at the same time and then waiting for the next outgoing Packet with a lot of 0 packets for a while. And that might burn it.

  • Well it all comes down to how many packs the transformer can store because even if they were all synchronized they'd output 4 packs of HV at once and that should only result in 1 EV package and that wouldn't even be a problem I just don't understand how the transformer can possibly send 12 packs of EV at one time how does that make sense

  • I wasn't aware that the HV - EV transformer could produce packets bigger than 2048 EU ? How do you control the voltage if the transformer voltage varies ?

  • I wasn't aware that the HV - EV transformer could produce packets bigger than 2048 EU ? How do you control the voltage if the transformer voltage varies ?

    Depending on input it can go from 1024 to 4096 EU/t Output, so if you have 4 Packets coming in, it will do 2048, but if you insert more than 4 you get more voltage out. The Tooltip states how much the Larger Package Size can be.

  • A couple of random questions.

    1) Is there a way to separate the output of two different liquids without using the aluminum? For example, the distillation of biomass outputs both distilled water and ethanol, both to the same output. The only thing I can think of is to connect output pipe to the big storage that already contains one of those liquids, but maybe there's a better way?

    2) What are the loses when washing crushed ores in the cauldron compared to sluice? The first one does not show up in NEI...

    3) Is Shredder intended to be a rather late machine compared to crusher and sluice? It needs either sifting tons of diamond ore (to get high tier gems) or electrolyzer (since a T2+ buzzsaw requires aluminum).

    I have also found a few holes in the bedrock, the probable cause may be the nearby cave with lots of dirty water in it. Not sure if Gregtech has anything to do with it though... Unfortunately, I couldn't test it with as little mods as possible, since for some reason MC keeps crashing after generating the world.

    Seed: 1748557562

    World Type: BiomesOPlenty

    XYZ: Near -575; 2; 209


    And it turns out that hunger damages armor 0_o.

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  • 1) Yep you need to pre-fill the Tank for that. Also I am prety sure you could just run a Quad Pipe directly from the Ethanol maker to the Burning Boxes, since the Water wont enter them, and then attach that same Quad Pipe to the Boilers so the Distilled Water can exit. Ofcourse such a Setup would require balancing of Fluid Amounts.

    2) The Losses are that you get far less Byproducts.

    3) Yep, Shredder after Crusher, though it is easy to get good Diamonds anyways.

    4) Bedrock holes??? not my doing. Also Seeds dont mean shit, simply because Mods override Worldgen too much.

    5) Really? Didnt know Hunger can damage Armor, well that is Vanilla Minecraft for you.

  • Hi greg,

    I was looking through your chlorides to determine how many electrolyzer stations I need. I found it odd that Ferric Chloride, Tritanium Hexachloride, Duranium Hexachloride and Lithium Chloride can be processed in their dust form but the remaining chlorides have to be processed in their molten form thus requiring separate electrolyzers for automation (there's no way to input a certain amount of liquid into a machine so you will most likely have leftovers in the machine blocking further processing) Is this intentional or are you planning on adding dust form Magnesium, Calcium, Ferrous, Manganese, Stannic - Chloride processing ?

    (Also thanks for advice on transformers it was a voltage problem which i fixed with an EV buffer and a selector cover)