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  • But this is exactly that i need. I just want to know where can i find it. My wiki templates will generate articles about materials semi-automatic so i need to know how to generate properties of material from source code.

    If I am correct at interpretetion of the source code:

    WASHING_MERCURY is a tag defined in TD.java. There is also WASHING_PERSULFATE tag.

    (Interestingly enough, Electrum crushed ore does indeed exist in items in-game.)

    edit: I haven't seen previous two messages. Lol.

  • Yes Electrum Ore exists, not my fault for it to exist. I wasnt the first to add it.

    Its just a bit weird.



    I have just experienced a crash with current GT6 and Chunk-Pregenerator. I did not have journeymapping at the moment, just Chunk-Pregenerator running for about 3 hours straight, generating 250x250 chunk square area.



    In this case, it was being ran on client (that means, I don't run dedicated server). Area in which my character was standing was already fully mapped, character was in creative mode.

    tldr: exception is similar:

    more detailed tldr:

    Relaunching the client now, so to see if it would crash when Chunk-Pregenerator will continue doing its thing.

    Update: For the world to even load I've had to remove COFH* mods. With COFH*, it instacrashed on world load with messages about OreDict problems.

  • Hello!

    In the asteroid world, Galacticraft does not generate GT6 ore. In the configuration file for the moon and Mars, generation settings appear, for asteroids there. Mods Version:



    Tested in the client. There are no other mods affecting the generation of the world. I do not observe errors in the logs associated with generation.


  • I could not find any ore or veins of GT6 on asteroids. There are veins on the moon and Mars. In the configuration file "worldgenerationnew.cfg", settings for the moon and Mars appear, for asteroids no.

    Used default configurations.

  • hrrrm what is the block that most stone asteroids are made of, block id and metadata might be helpful


    meta: 0, 1, 2

    Asteroid Generation Altitude:

    Minimum 40

    Maximum - 240

    Below 70-75 is rare. Most are generated at altitudes from 100 to 220.

    Sizes of asteroids in diameter are approximately 20 to 50 blocks.


  • So for some time now I have been using an HV battery box as my main storage, and using a transformer to step it up to EV to transfer around my base over 1x aluminum cable. I'm wondering now why this hasn't burnt up. IIRC, the HV-EV transformer has an internal storage of the max voltage for EV, or 4096 EU, and so should be capable of putting out a single 4096 EU packet, at least as long as the output side backs up and allows the transformer to fully charge its internal capacitor. So why hasn't it melted my wires?

  • Why can't obsidian plates be extruded?

    Whew... it took me over a week to make the 1944 stainless steel, annealed copper coils, circuits, magnalium, an EV battery box and EV alkaline batteries, 2 LV pumps and a trash bin to remove the waste products, and EV-IV transformer, but I finally am ready to build a gas turbine and the extra bigass dynamo to get all the power I should ever need. Bed time now.. hopefully tomorrow I will put it together and not blow anything up. Man that was a lot of stainless steel. Wait... I still need an EU sensor to automate the thing...

  • Why can't obsidian plates be extruded?

    Because Lava isn't extrudable. I can decide that on a Material per Material basis, and this is intended. Not like much things need Obsidian Plates apart from that Ender Garbage Bin.

    Gah, so that isn't the Issue either... I'm loading up GC 501 now to see.

    Okay GC 501 definitely generates GT6 Ores in Asteroids so maybe a downgrade can help...

  • Installed assembly 501 and I still could not get the generation of GT6 ores on asteroids.

    Tested in the client with Forge version 1614. I don’t understand what I'm doing wrong:(

    List of mods

    GT6 "worldgenerationnew.cfg" which i got

    GalactiCraft "core.cfg"

  • Could you install that horribly broken Mod GalaxySpace? I wonder if it will work then. I'm also pretty sure you could just ignore that Mod regarding progression, so that might be a solution.

  • I looked through all the worlds of Galaxy Space. None of them have GT6 ore. I received only GT6-generated stones on the surface of the planets: Venus, Io, Titan. Manual adjustment of ore generation for them in the "worldgenerationnew.cfg" config did not bring any results.

    Used the latest build of the mod: GalaxySpace-1.7.10-1.2.12

  • Yeah the GalaxySpace Planets dont have actual Ores because their Rock Types dont have Ore Blocks assigned.

    But I asked for Asteroids not the GalaxySpace Planets. I hoped GalaxySpace might be the reason the Asteroids work for me.

    Edit: also check o nthe lower levels, the upper levels might not have any ores in asteroids.