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  • Hey guys!

    Just went from 1.5.2 Server to fresh 1.6.4. and I'm experiencing some really strange behaviour regarding all GT machines & EU. (bug/feature?)

    Supplying an IC2 Machine(using max. 32Eu/t) with 10 packets á 32 EU does nothing as long as max. packet size in the network is 32eu.
    Supplying a GT Machine (eg. Automatic Macerator) with 1 packet á 32 EU is fine. Connecting a single solar panel, giving 1eu/t extra -> huge mess in my factory :)

    It seems GT Machines, unlike IC2 machines, sum up all packets in the network to one large EU/t . ( In my example 33 EU/t instead of 1x 32 and 1x1 )
    Can someone confirm if this is indented behaviour?

    Sorry if this was already discussed. Couldn't find anything in the changelog.

  • The E-Net was changed in IC² Experimental so packets merge now. This was intended to resolve lag, but voltage was planned to be reimplemented later. (Since everybody just spammed solars and geothermals causing lots of packet lag.) E.g. 4 BatBoxes combined will create 128 EU/t.

    In build 303, voltage explosions were temporarily disabled for IC² machines because of this incomplete feature. This will not be added for GregTech.

    If you notice, you can feed an MFSU's power to an unupgraded Tier 1 IC² machine (e.g. Canning Machine) without any problems.

    Try to at least read a bit first. On the forum.


  • I'm pretty sure the broken volume control is a vanilla "feature". I vaguely remember hearing about it before I even really started playing GT. I don't know what Greg can do about that.

    I'd also vote for a sound disabling block. Muffler upgrade+sonictron in an assembling machine maybe? I'm mainly interested in a block that makes my animals STFU without having to use extra utilities or whatever mod adds the sound muffler, so this might not be the most compelling reason to add a kinda nonsensical block :D

    Stuff not loading with crossdimentional teleportation is probably what Greg mentioned. From what I understand from the console, it's not loading any chunks. I'm playing 1.6.4 with the latest GT and ic2 exp, so it's still there.

    Edit: Ninja'd by Epic Lulz. He explains things better than I did.

  • Will the IC2 Metal Former be disabled in the future, or given a GT equivalent crafted from a Plate Bending Machine, Wiremill, and Plate Cutting Machine?

    And Extruder, you forgot the Extruder I want to add, which is some kind of Metal Former but horribly expensive (energywise), because it can create almost every Metal Form just from an Ingot (depending on Mode).

    Or add a sound dampening block.

    Or use a Muffler Upgrade. :P

  • Can a config option be added so you can make tin cells in a metal former?

    oh,Gregorius, any reason to stay on regular tin cells and not using the new universal cells?

    Aside that, i would love to have a "big hole" mode on the jackhammer or advance drill (when i get one), so it would replace the Thinkers construct Hammer or the gravity advance drill (with the new ic2xp, the gravity armor looks lame).

    How can ppl have so much eu, and make it sound easy to get? i know with certains mods, can be realy easy, but in a "vanila" ic2, is not that easy.

    Check my channel on YT for finished LPs (GT4 and GT5 ), and some stuff on 1.6.4
    I am realy not good with speech and english.

  • My Lathe just stoped doing anything.
    Is it because of 4 Overclockers I got there?) With 2 It was alright.

    Check that your lathe recipe power requirements are fulfilled. This includes energy buffer, energy input, input voltage, etc.

  • How can ppl have so much eu, and make it sound easy to get? i know with certains mods, can be realy easy, but in a "vanila" ic2, is not that easy.

    Meet nuclear power.

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • Or giant solar farms, or giant wind farms, or giant watermills (has anyone ever done something using watermills?)

  • Once you get that many overclockers you need a storage upgrade or transformer upgrade + bigger input line. The latter will make it consistantly faster, the former will (depending on upgrade size) keep it fast until the buffer runs out unless you give it a xfrmr + bigger input line.

  • Or giant solar farms, or giant wind farms, or giant watermills (has anyone ever done something using watermills?)

    Compact watermills or nothing

  • Use the GregTech teleporter.

    If you are talking about the GT Teleporter, install energy storage upgrades until you have enough to go the distance you want.

    I'm talking about the GT Teleporter.

    The distance is 5 blocks (not including the block the teleporter occupies). (It also has an energy orb upgrade in it)

    It teleports items and mobs fine. It refuses to teleport me.

    It uses no power at all.

  • Why wouldn't you have already built an assembly machine for the approx. 50% cost reduction on circuits, the 20% gunpowder reduction for TNT, the 50% bonus on crafting torches, the removal of the need for iridium plates on the really expensive emerald/lapis things, etc.?