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  • @above: that depends... if she uses an adv miner on nether and grind all the netherrack alongside the ores, not many of them.

    good point, true, but thats just one type of Ind grinder, dont use pulverizer too,i was more speaking on the setup to fully use all the machine all the time, prob if just a server process was concentrated on that. it just too many.

    Check my channel on YT for finished LPs (GT4 and GT5 ), and some stuff on 1.6.4
    I am realy not good with speech and english.

  • You get a cake for waiting for the ore dictionary stuff to go.

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • Is it an chocolate, angelfood or blueberry cake? Are the diff types of cakes all unified? Cause I don't want my blueberry cake becoming an chocolate cake :|

  • These are GT versions of solar panels and they are (at least were) pretty cheap.

    Wow really? Im curious to see what they are now, I think its the first time Ive ever heard 'GT version' and 'cheap' in the same sentence. :D

  • good point, true, but thats just one type of Ind grinder, dont use pulverizer too,i was more speaking on the setup to fully use all the machine all the time, prob if just a server process was concentrated on that. it just too many.

    The 32 IndGrinders are not meant to be running all at once 100% of the time. Though I run some OP mods like NetherOres and QuarryPlus which bring plenty of resources.

    Now the goal if this big huge oversized setup is fun and design. As a side challenge it has to be all running off GT machines and automations and be perfectly working.

    I have not finished the other parts of the ore processing factory. Now there are Universal Macerators, autocrafters ... to setup. And it is getting touchy having 6x8 UM per side, fed by a bunch of type sorters.

    Needless to say I don't have yet any industrial or automated setup to feed the Mercury and Sodium PersSulfate sides of it.

    Runing all the factory will require like 4096EU per side just to produce all possible refined dusts and products from ores.

    On the overhang right side, you can see a control room with neons like lights. It is already setup with powerl-lines controls, big industiral 70's style consoles made of sloped advanced indusstrial information panels from Nuclear Control, a technical ironbar protected backroom has an Me Quantum Bridge, IDSU and main power switch. Applied Energistics ME network will be used to feed ores and deliver final products from the factory as GT was not really designed for such big scale inventory managment. Sure I could have used some Tesseract Generators and Terminals, but the ME Quantum bridge glowing multi-block structure looks so futuristic and suit very well the whole contraption theme.

    My motto is, fun, design, challenge of getting the most advanced features of GT working.

    All on survival and real resources. (no creative, no give).

    I do use a creative world for setup tests. This is where I try to get all the Universal Macerators, crafters and sorters properly balanced now.
    Still having issue with autocrafters overfilling and letting unmerged small piles out to the final product pipings.

  • Some sort of bug recipe in GT that exists for a long time:
    1.you using Al to make a hopper,then smelt it,you get Fe.
    2.Not sure which's side bug,happens when I check the recipes in the NEI,If I want to find out how to make 98:3,NEI tells me to use 43:8 to craft it,then NEI tells me you have to use 44:8 to craft 43:8,but 44:8 is uncraftable.If I using 44 to check what 44 can be used for,NEI tells me I can use 44 to craft 43:8.
    A question:How to make the fulid in pipes go much farther?They always stops transporting and moving.

    GregTech SHALL rule the world !

  • autocrafters overfilling

    Well, it's driving me nuts.

    Various small dusts of different materials arrives at an autocrafter fro pipes, but be it in dust mod on 4x auto recipe, 9 small dust kind fills to the 9 input slots, then other piles goes to bottom buffer slots where these are supposed to be for liquid cells. Then the autocrafter "vomit" excess of unmerged small piles at output instead of stopping to accept more.

    How is it supposed to auto merge different kind of small dusts without overflowing?

    I tried adding a large buffer, did not help
    Tried an advanced regulator (overkill), well somehow it succeed in pushing 4 small dusts at a time to the autocrafter and limit to 9 kinds of dusts. Works, but deadly slow.

    Now I am looking at the advanced crafting table, but how this beast work?
    Can't find any documentation, lots of weird lots with various icons, no buttons, no tooltip, no GregTech book.
    Item tooltip says "for very large projects", well what's up than?

    How can I merge small dusts from a stream of many different kind? (16 different kind or more)
    Is it even doable with current GregTech?

    Where can I find some documentation about the Advanced Crafting Table?

  • For that issue, you can use other electric crafting tables in serial as buffers, as they expel the excess.

    Thus, if you have lots of small dusts, you can place like 3 to 5 crafting tables in serial and they will work good.
    http://gregtechcommunitywiki.w…m/Electric+Crafting+Table (It has been documented long ago, but its somewhat up to date as nothing changed).

    By the way, be sure to use the dust piler mode as it uses much less energy, thus it is faster.

    :Advanced Machine: -> :Advanced Machine: -> :Advanced Machine: -> :Advanced Machine: -> :Advanced Machine: -> Final output (storage system)

    :Advanced Machine: = Electric Crafting Table

  • Use a large buffer in front of the table and set the output to sent stacks of 4 or 9 (rightclick with screwdriver on output side afaik).

  • :Advanced Machine: -> :Advanced Machine: -> :Advanced Machine: -> :Advanced Machine: -> :Advanced Machine: -> Final output (storage system)

    :Advanced Machine: = Electric Crafting Table

    Great, made it!

    Tree sequential Electric Crafting Tables handle small dusts output from a full column of 8 Industrial Grinders

    Created and updated an album, so you can see what has bee done already.

  • Just wondering how I would craft a macerator?

    I can only craft the universal one, or the automatic macerator. Universal takes advanced circuits, i need a macerator to get lapis dust. The automatic takes the diamond grinder head, which also needs a macerator to make the diamond dust for that recipe.

    So the only way I can see to make a macerator is to make an industrial centrifuge and silk touch some lapis ores, then use a Hammer to get dirty lapis dust, then centrifuge it into lapis dust.

    I just wanted to make sure this was right, the only way to make a macerator is to get silk touch on a pick first?

    edit: centrifuge's take advanced circuits too, so that option is not possible either.

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  • St

    Bronze age

  • St

    Bronze age

    To elaborate, the Automatic Macerator replaces the regular IC2 Macerator. It functions pretty much exactly the same, but can be told to automatically output its products, and uses the GT-MTE upgrade system.
    There are two recipes for the Automatic Macerator, one of which requires a Diamond or Wolfram Grinder Head, and the other of which requires 3 Diamonds and 1 Advanced Circuit. The solution to the Advanced Circuit needing Lapis Dust is the Sturdy Grinder, a steam-powered lower-end version of the Universal Macerator.