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  • Two MAJOR bugs for you Greg!
    1. Using a hammer as a tool (like a pick) it wont break for some of them (I was using a wrought iron hammer) it just turns into an errored item and continues on into negative durability.
    2. i was using an aqua hammer which has fortune 3 to break gems and it did not create any extras. I don't think enchantments are working.

  • Negative Durability? That shouldnt happen.

    And for the Fortune: This is not Tinkers Construct, meaning Fortune doesn't stack with other drop changing Effects.

    But the aqua hammer has fortune. it isnt working.
    EDIT: New Bug, MetaTools are actting like you are in adventure mode. They can only break their specific materials. I cant use my saw on grass or break a BC tank with a pick.

  • But the aqua hammer has fortune. it isnt working.
    EDIT: New Bug, MetaTools are actting like you are in adventure mode. They can only break their specific materials. I cant use my saw on grass or break a BC tank with a pick.

    That first one sounds like it could be a bug. Does the Aqua Hammer have any effects other than Fortune?
    EDIT: I think Greg means that the hammer's ore smashing counts as a "Drop Changing Effect," in which case that's not a bug.

    The second one sounds exactly like something Greg would do, having Meta Tools indirectly force Adventure Mode.

  • A hammer used against a regular ore block = 1 crushed ore. Want more you need to use a macerator.

    A pick used against a small ore get either crushed or, impure ores, etc. Seems like if fortune enchant is applied here you should get additional drops but I am not sure if that works here.

    A hammer used against a small ore block? I think it just drops the same as used by a pick.

    So your question still stands MrPeach...What is the point of a hammer having fortune?

    Seems like it should at least drop a small byproduct maybe. No much but something for having fortune enchant.

  • It is simple:

    1. The Hammer takes the Block, looks up a Hammering Recipe (for the Steam Forge Hammer), and if the Recipe is found it applies it instead of dropping the regular Drops (because that would be exploity).
    2. If no Recipe is found it instead scans all the regular Drops (that however DOES include Fortune) and crushes those fortuned Drops using the Steam Forge Hammer Recipes.
    3. Otherwise it works similar to a Pickaxe and drops the Block normally.

    And for the Tools not breaking nonsuitable Blocks: This is intended and a very required Hook I added to my Tools, which is making some Tools slower than 1.0 (Fist Speed), what is needed for eventual Multibreaking Tools (so they can have 10% the speed without any lower Cap) or things which are supposed to break Blocks slowly.

    If you wanna break Blocks with wrong things either take your Fist or smack your Food against it.

  • What version of mc and ic should I use for the latest build of gregtech? Title says 1.7.2, but the lastest build of ic seems to be for 1.7.10.

    IC2 Experiemental build 484. That was the last version of IC2 for Minecraft 1.7.2.

    Edit: Dang beat by SpwnX. If the Brazilian team is as fast as SpwnX was tonight I will feel really bad for the Netherlands on Saturday.

  • eventual Multibreaking Tools

    Why aren't people getting hyped about this?

    On another note, does anyone have a clue why one minute I can look-up meta-items in NEI and the next minute they're gone? I looked up the butchering knife and NEI wouldn't find it. I realised it didn't show any other meta-tool either. Still, I could look them up if was roundabout enough to look at plate recipes and find the tools.

    Confused, I look around in the configs and enable showing all meta-items. I fire up my game again and see that there are now generic meta-items. I initially wonder why we couldn't get just the generic meta-items so we don't have the rest of the clutter, thinking it was intentional on the side of Greg. I test again, hiding the meta-items in the config once more, and the generic meta-tools were there. I keep playing, checking the tools occasionaly. As I suspected, twenty minutes or so later NEI won't show me the tools. Yet again I go about my merry way, and some time later I can look up the tools again.

    I remember the same thing hapenning with Factorization back in 1.5.x minecraft. Back then it happened with some irrelevant components; right now it's really annoying. Anyone know why some items are displayed by NEI sometimes and at others they disappear?

  • I cant insert anything into Advanced Recycler III automatically. Whatever I use mod like AE or BC even hopper from minecraft!
    I dont know its a bug or just feature or just my bad?

  • tiny/small dusts and nuggets are blacklisted too.

    Cobblestone, snow derivatives (ice and sand for example) and some mob drops are aswell.

    Edit: Nerf suggestion, add a mining laser to BC quarry recipe (in the place of a random gear). That would make them late electric age stuff.