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  • Nostalgia.

    Anyone guess the Gregtech version? :P

    That is GT-1 for 1.3.2. It is so easy, one can see it on the first "somewhat"-MetaTileEntities (the automation Blocks), since there are only so few of them.

    Most features of those Versions were extremly ugly Code with a lot of hacks back then. I always try to clean up my Code, so stuff ends up getting lost, and then I try to do new things more often than bringing old things back to life.

  • Well done Greg, you recognise your own mod!

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • Well done Greg, you recognise your own mod!

    I have a feeling I'd probably couldn't recognize my old mod :P especially the code, I didn't care a fig for conventions.

    Help the Official FTB Wiki reach a billion pages! [I had to keep changing it so there ^^]

    Someone should fix the gravel texture in the background. It's been years now, come on people.

  • Noticing that for a while now gregtech either refuses to generate dynamic config, or the config file is empty, completely devoid of any sense of life.

    Greg tech right now is updated to the latest, i have tried with my modpack (personal) and with nothing else except ic2 and Greg tech, with the same result.

    Only a few things that get me and a friend of mine that prevent us from playing greg tech (1 or 2 things actually) and i believe those config options are inside dynamic config, but considering how it is refusing to generate, i am at a loss.

    Forge is recommended ver on the front page and also with the latest forge (multi mc is helpful for this).

    Any help would be appreciated :).

  • Sacrifice a goat.


    Quoted from "zorn":
    People can't handle losing. Lots of new games are like this. My son's Lego games? You die and respawn on the spot, just lose a bit of money. It's made so that anyone can win, even the worst players. Like TE, or EU. They say that IC2 is 'keeping them from moving on' but can never say what that is. In reality they just failed, blew up a bunch of stuff, and their fragile egos couldn't take it so they gravitate towards mods designed to guarantee that you succeed.

  • I'm not too happy with the pipes either. Especially with the notion of vacuum pockets appearing in the pipes (or is it air pockets that take up volume unused by the fluid in each pipe block? Some fluids might not like contact with air...). I guess whatever invisible air vent the pipes have must be two-directional.

    It would be great if the pipes worked more like this:

    1) Place pipes. When placed, they are filled with air by default.
    2) Place air vent, or maybe a pump set to suck air out of the pipes. It would hiss as it does that. Or maybe use plunger to that effect. This results in the pipe having vacuum inside.
    3) When something outputs fluids in the pipe, it can only come out of the pipe if there's no vacuum (underpressure) in the pipe section (sections are separated by shutters). Assuming machine fluid input is designed to operate at atmospheric pressure. Basically you have to fill a pipe before something can come out of the other end. If the entire pipe has just one fluid type, this can even save some CPU cycles by not having to recalculate the fluid amount in each pipe section but instead just operating with pipe inputs, outputs and throughput between them.

    Or maybe this could fit within the overall idea of the mod: If the GT pipes cannot handle vacuum, then when water and steam meet inside a pipe, the pipe could implode due to rapid steam deflation. Other fluids might mix resulting in sewage/toxic waste.

  • Look at GregTech config folder. Overpowered stuff.
    Also gates of hell is locked until you get steel. Its a lot of efford. But if we talking about servers, gates is usualy open at the spawn point.
    And, which also impotant, you cant get diamond with iron tool.

    Always yours C.O.

    Thanks!,I can already get some HV,IV solar panels!
    But it is not a block,I can't place it out to have electricity output.
    How can I use it? :S

  • They're covers--place them on top of wire, machines, hulls, or whatever. If you've got an LV solar panel, make a line of tin cable and place them there.

    8V Solar panels are legit because you can still use red alloy cable for lossless transmission.

    Use a crowbar to remove the solar panel (or any) cover.

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  • Hribek and leagris
    Quote snip

    I want to discuss some of the complaints.


    - We had working e-net, no stupid conversion, useless lost

    And it was so easy to completely ignore! Just don't have anything beyond 5 blocks and you set with copper wire. (Also I am so totally guilty of it)
    New e-net which was introduced by GregTech was hard to get use to, but ones I did I realized it's much greater potential, it's what you call imposed losses made it great engineering challenge to solve.
    You had to really think through how you gonna build, since every extra wire might cost you a lot in a long run. While some machine losses I don't agree with (primarily generators output being 30 eu/t not 32 eu/t for tier 1)
    While IC2 inner e-net was boring and easy to ignore. Considering that wires werent that expensive and getting fibre wires wasn't that hard at all, with a no loss range of 80 blocks I recall. Maybe smaller, but still rather significant.


    - Wed did not need these broken pipes (yes GT pipes are functionally broken if you need shutters everywhere and even with this it can't even transport enough fluid steam)

    Ill disagree with you, GT pipes aren't broken. They inconvinient at times but aren't broken. I do belive having some sort of one way pipes would be perfect, even without them pipes are fun to engineer with.
    Having slushing and proper capacity mechanic made it fun and interesting to come up with designs using GT pipes, wheres no other mod actually offers pipes of similar complexity with so many variations on through output.
    (No don't mention buildcraft, it's pipes cannot compete or compare to GT at all, for ones they don't have anywhere as much throughput and second of all they really-really lagy with fluids.)
    I have made many pipe lines at my base to distribute many gasses and liquids which required for my machines and having many variations on pipes also allowed me to place a perfect pipe system for each application.
    Since you don't need good pipes for machines which only do stuff occasionally, they will get emptied before they need to work again.
    And having a smart design on pipes will minimize amount of shutters required.
    On a note, pipes don't need shutters at all if they cannot send fluid back, if it supplied at exact ammount to keep pipe line stuffed.
    No other mod can even offer similar challenge to me with piping like GT, designing stuff with it's pipe is pure joy, because they do represent challenge, rather then super easy solution for everything. (Not calling names here ThermalExpansion)


    - We had wireless power

    Which was like super end game. It was nice, but minecrarts exist for a reason.


    - We had upgrades and covers for everything

    And now we have a lot of machines to choose from! Your upgrades didn't go anywhere they just transformed in to something what makes sense.
    (Note I hated overclockers for there's extra power use, but now I have to use higher tier machines for some recipes, which is great way to make me to plan ahead for future about what required to be made, rather then everything using same set of materials forever besides few machines)


    - We had end-game power

    Which also was added last to GT, obviously we didn't get there this time, but I don't think thats such a big loss, though I do miss huge turbines for sure. Fussion tech is fun to go for, but now we have a much nicer set of goals compare to one big.
    (I am talking about more interesting materials requirement for each tier of machines)


    - We had item and fluid storages

    Thats not that big of a loss honestly. There are plenty of mods which you can use or adapt for item storage. It isn't like GT did anything interesting with it back then too, they were just expensive barrels.


    - We had inter-dimensional transport and energy.

    And fact that it is gone doesn't really upset me. Though I do agree thats one glaring hole in current available GT(GT5),but that didn't hinder many challenges and fun projects I had with it.
    It was nice before, but ultimately not such a huge loss. Cross dimension transport aren't very usefull as it works out. Considering that other mods which do add dimensions make them utterly broken, or not work with GT, usually.


    Gregtech 4 brought these pipes, but at that time I had still hope for it to become something better.

    Though name one mod which had better pipes, (again buildcraft is out of questions, it's pipes have only gates as cool feature going for them, but ultimately thats a completely separate to pipes functionality, I do think if BC gates and stuff would be separate, that would be great, though it is already was possible at the time if you would remove all pipes but constructions)

    While I see that we clearly have differences, I just don't see how you can support all your points.
    I do believe that mechanic in game have to offer interesting challenge or not exist at all. (Good example will be forestry here, which offered water requirement of so many machines, but internally didn't provide any interesting solution, but every other mod BC or TE just made thats requirement obsolete and seems ridiculous considering infinite water aren't that big of a deal at all. Or TE pipes, which just basically wired teleporters of liquid with almost infinite throughput. They lack any interesting challenge, which makes me want to just get ride of them, which I ultimately did.)

    Why you hate challenge so much?
    All things you listed as bad things just offer you more variation and proper challenge.
    Obviously besides end-game stuff, but that just wasn't added in time and now Greg moved on to newer GT.
    And it isn't like he disallowed anyone from playing with other mods which could add all stuff you want. (Not calling names here FlowerChild)

    I want a note that I only wish discussion, I still respect your opinion, I am just interested if you have some justification for your position. I am honestly wandering. Sometimes it is usefull to know the other side of opinions on to how gameplay should be structured.
    Though for my personal taste I think GT5 was a great improvement over GT4.
    (Wooh, 600 characters remaining. A little more text and thats)

  • All the negatives people are talking about are what I like about Gregtech, lol. I like wire loss, pipe sloshing, expensive recipes, reasons to use minecarts, power stations in different dimensions. If I didn't, I would just use EIO/EU/TE for everything.

    To each his own.

  • To hopefully clarify their point in case you guys missed it: it's frustrating that one of their favorite mods is always in an unfinished state. What's worse is that it's only taking steps backwards (in terms of working state, not features). It hasn't been in a polished state in over a year. Greg has already addressed this notion multiple times in the past few pages. That doesn't mean people shouldn't be vocal about it because it is frustrating.

  • greg, did you ever think about a redstone FPGA block? like, program it in a hardware description language and control redstone stuff? I would really limit it to make it not OP and probably expensive... Or it could eat the logic gates it simulates inside of it...

  • I guess the ETA moves to next week :).

    That Quote is from "Monday, February 9th 2015, 11:17am". It is still Sunday for me. And it is almost done now (as in it compiles and runs). :D

    Without that ETA I would have been lazily sitting around doing nothing.

  • Sure I can use other mods for tesseracting stuffs.

    I can use minecarts, but these are just another kind of wire/pipe system with rails as pipes and carts as tokens/packets.

    All wired systems have a big issue in Minecraft chunked world: It needs to have chunks loaded all the way from start up to destination.

    If you want to spread all industrial, agriculture factories units, you have to have all these packed into the same place of a loaded chunks pool or rely on each unit duplicating lots of power generation locally. Or you end-up with the need to chunk-load so much intermediate regions it can make your server a huge lag mess. (I talk hundreds, thousands and cross-dimension distances.

    In 1.4.7 and up to 1.5.2, we had players collaborate and build various production units.
    We had one or two large power plants distributing power to all production units.

    When new e-net came, we switched from distributing EU to distributing he-plasma and have local plasma generators. It made for a decent transportable high density fuel medium and a compact renewable energy source.

    We could even build an economy around power/fuel distribution.

    We could have a distinct dimension dedicated to mining resources and keep a clean "living world", building with good looking landscapes.

    Now we spend so much time mining materials, mining fuels, harvesting food and routinely fixing machine defects and so much less on design, construction… It is boring.

    I spend my time in:
    - Find tin: walk 1 or 2 kilometers for enough elevation to expect tin, locate, take note of coordinates for tin spotted vein.
    - Find Redstone: dig straight lines deep underground for hours until you can find it. Take note of coordinates.
    - Stuff your inventory with 5-6 variations of iron, so it does not stack and spend your time walking to-from your storage/use place to mining.
    - Build huge arrays of renewable power sources (solar) or spend your living mining for fuels
    - You can't even consider bio-fuel as renewable, as it consume fertilizer, dirt and other non renewable resources as fuel.
    - You can't even make any realistic use of oil as pockets are unrealistically small and you will spend any superior amount of resources and energy deploying transport and drilling for a 15k bucket oil pocket.
    - Nuclear is a joke (may be my biased opinion). Real life fission fuel rods last for tenths of years and can be re-processed once used.

    Guys did you try to make any use of IC2 and GT crop agriculture? Did you try to make renewable energy from oil-berries?

    Did you try to make bio-diesel from seed-oil?

    Did you try bio-ethanol? (it mostly work as an energy source, but require so much infrastructure and mining non-renewable dirt and saltpeter/apatite.

    This is all why I miss this renewable high gear energy source and wireless energy, fluid and storages. It did take clever planing and thinking. It did take loads of expensive resources to build, but it gave back proportional rewards once deployed.

  • greg, did you ever think about a redstone FPGA block? like, program it in a hardware description language and control redstone stuff? I would really limit it to make it not OP and probably expensive... Or it could eat the logic gates it simulates inside of it...

    I'm surprised this needs saying but doing that is a mod in of itself. Not just any mod, but the biggest mod in any game ever. You realize you'd have to make an hdl environment from scratch right? I can't even think of a way to express how much work that would be. That's xilinx ise (a 20 gig download) without the IP libraries and less real world constraints. The compiler would also be insane.

    Just use computer mods for things too complicated to practically accomplish with a few gates (MSI and up).