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  • I'm back from being inactive for about a year, and started playing GT again. And found the struggle: what pickaxe tier would collect diamonds? I've tried iron, sapphire, thaumium, pickaxe of the core with no luck...

    UPD: diamond pick also don't collect diamond ore.

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  • And a silly question - how do I pour molten metal into crucible?
    I put a smelter and drag molten metal from it by using pipes. And now I cannot pour liquid metal from pipe to crucible (or maybe I should use another machine for this?)...

    UPD. I've found out I don't need any crucible, just attach mold to smelter.

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  • Sorry I cant fix it, something in Mekanism might be broken. Or some other Mod adding Argon Fluid has priority and said Mod has Problems. But I have no Idea what and how things happen there.

  • Welp, went back after a long time (GT4 if I remember correctly) and played a bit with the crucible and I love it.
    Now struggling to make a coagulator (damn Chromium !), so maybe I'll stay in bronze steam age for a while and see what I can do with all this steam !
    Anyway, keep up the good work, it's awesome

  • I love using lignite as fuel for the burning boxes, because you don't even have to calculate the fuel or remove the burning box, just use a piston to block the air intake, and the box stops. Lignite also gets you the most dark ash per heat delivered.

    Also if you find some graphite, you can get pure carbon early on, and 1 carbon = 50 steel. If you have some spare gold, silver, copper (and maybe zinc) then you can turn some or all of it into black steel or even blue steel for tools with double durability. It is probably more time efficient to stick with regular or black steel, but if you can't find much graphite and want to reduce your carbon usage, blue steel is great. Slightly tricky to make, though, and I'd recommend an invar burning box before you start to reduce fuel consumption and make the alloying more beginner friendly.

  • Oki. Next time I will not use a drum from these gases. I hope other players will not have similar experience.

    yeah sorry for that one. If there is a way to fix it on my side (if you reported it to mekanism) then please tell me.

    And yes, graphite is supposed to be the early carbon source. 25 Steel (half a carbon) per Graphite.

  • And again about strange ore bug:

    Sometimes I mine out ores such as chromite, diamond, banded iron and so on just fine, sometimes, ore is destroyed, but nothing is dropped from it. I tried to use different pickaxes, seems it doesn't matter.

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  • yeah sorry for that one. If there is a way to fix it on my side (if you reported it to mekanism) then please tell me.

    I´ve reported my issue to a Mekanism bug report and they replied to me that fix is in development. I hope it will be fixed soon.

  • Reports of my death are heavily exaggerated. I've just been busy running 3 servers and holding down a job. Also haven't been into GT6.

    I'll start GT6 again when Greg adds ore washers.


    Quoted from "zorn":
    People can't handle losing. Lots of new games are like this. My son's Lego games? You die and respawn on the spot, just lose a bit of money. It's made so that anyone can win, even the worst players. Like TE, or EU. They say that IC2 is 'keeping them from moving on' but can never say what that is. In reality they just failed, blew up a bunch of stuff, and their fragile egos couldn't take it so they gravitate towards mods designed to guarantee that you succeed.

  • By the way, will we have alloy smelter? Like regular smelter, but for making alloys.

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