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  • Ok, I've been deathly Ill all week and am not quite over it yet... let's try this again, the way I had it originally, and the *correct* way:

    250L juice + 2 plant remains ferments to 375L of bio mass, a 1.5 ratio. 40L of biomass distills to 25L of bio-ethanol, or a 0.3 ratio. Multiply them together and you get a total ratio of 0.45 bio ethanol out for every 1L of juice in. Thus, it is better to just ferment the grape juice into 0.5L of wine and to hell with the remains.

    You are absolutely right. If you are looking strictly at power obtainable from the grapes, wine is your best bet. However, you still end up with the remains. Even though you *could* turn the grape juice into fruit juice instead, to make biomass, this isn't the best method. Instead, you take another liquid you have excess of like honey or honeydew (which cannot be turned into power otherwise), and use that to process the remains into biomass. 40L of biomass can be turn into 12L of ethanol at a cost of 384GU. Or, it can be turned into 24L of methane gas for the same cost. (BTW, how did you come up with 40L of biomass to 25L of bio-ethanol? I couldn't find this formula anywhere.)

    For easy math, I am going to assume starting with 200L of biomass (5 processes @ 384GU ea--1,920GU total).

    1L of Ethanol produces 144GU.
    5L of Methane Gas produces 384GU.

    Putting this all together gives:

    Ethanol - 5 x 12L = 60L * 144GU / 1L = 8640GU - 1920GU = 6,720GU net.

    Methane Gas - 5 x 24L = 120L * 384GU / 5L = 9216 GU - 1920GU = 7,296GU net.

    So, if you are processing remains, their best use is to convert into Methane Gas.

    Once you are sufficiently industrialized though, it is even better to convert the biomass into glycerol, then into glyceryl and add it to gasoline to convert to nitrofuel. You use a renewable resource to extend the supply by 25% and power output by 50% of a non-renewable resource.

  • Greg, an idea I have been pondering for quite a while, without resolution:
    Would it be reasonable or acceptable to (counter to vanilla default) separate the role of the unit-sized nugget shape from OP.ingot? -For specific materials?

    My primary reason being that there are materials, e.g. Ceramic and many "Stone"-like materials, for which ingots behave more like form-finished products (e.g. gears) than raw extruder/rolling mill/etc. fodder like they are for more malleable (e.g. metal) materials.

    For most materials, however, the new prefix's item could and should not be generated, and instead have the appropriate ingot be OD'd as the new prefix in addition to OP.ingot, as most materials are suitably malleable.

    I also note that Steel-leaf and Bone non-stone-like material for which the unit-nugget and ingot forms (if they both exist?) should not be able to be easily converted back and forth.

  • Uhhm what the hell are you talking about? You don't even name any actual examples for which nuggets/ingots even exist.

    Is this Lang file thing will fix in next version? Now the only way to use Lang is change them to read only(so It doesn't change)
    Maybe you can add something that make a exception for $:= ?

    You don't understand, I don't even parse the Lang File, it's a Forge Config, and I have no idea how to fix that Issue.

  • Greg, my idea comes from trying to change stone bricks to be made with 4 ingots (bricks) of stone materials. Causing these materials to generate ingots causes them to also generate nuggets by default which, for stones, as I said above, is not something they should do.

  • You know there is a disableItemGeneration function in OreDictPrefix? Also dont forget about the Metal Chunks.

    Yes, but I also find I want the unit-nugget for its own sake, as the most reasonable recipe I can think of for a singular stone ingot/brick is to chisel a unit-nugget, though I could use 4 chunks, I suppose.
    But either one means that the recipe for straight crafting an ingot, and the Mass Storage chunk->ingot conversion would be exploits for affected materials.

  • Run the Numbers again and this time on this Thread I wanna see the Numbers myself.

    So I'm still confused by this response. Did you not intend for it to be more effective to ferment grape juice into wine as fuel ( Isn't Wine normally under 100 proof and so does not burn? ), rather than using it with plant remains to make biomass and bio-ethanol? And shouldn't pure, distilled ethanol at least burn for more energy than wine?

  • I do agree with you that the power numbers on wine is either high, or ethanol is low. Compared to other real fuels, the power from ethanol is about right, so Greg, nerf wine.. way to much power from that as a fuel. :P

    Also, we need a sink of some sort for glue. Since you took over forestry processing of bee products, we need a way to do something with all the propolis. The latex can be made into rubber, so that is quite useful, but there are limited uses for glue. There is a limit to how many barrels and sticky pistons you actually need. Can you set up a way to use glue and sawdust to make one of those duraflame type "logs"? Maybe as a mixer recipe? It would give a way to use all the extra glue and sawdust that get created.

  • beer and wine shouldnt be burnable, neither have a high enuff alcohol content to be flammable.

    and yes there needs to be a use for glue, lubricant as well, there is just to much of them both with minimal uses.

  • Maybe put all the various alcohols through the distillery again and get out a straight "everclear" type alcohol that is usable as a fuel with a high GU. Different types of alcohol convert into various amounts of "everclear" depending on the original alcoholic content.

    If you ever have some sort of bio-reactor, the low alcoholic liquids would be a source for the necessary organic content.


    Bear, I forget which mod adds it, but one of them in your pack allows you to make soul sand using oil or lubricant and sand, but yes, we should have a way to use it within GT.


    Thanks Greg. Just saw the changes in the log.. Finally a use or glue and sawdust/wood pulp.

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