[IDEA] Making Reactors more complex and HAYO-ish!

  • Hello, fellow engineers! I am here suggesting an idea for an addition to Industrial-Craft. It's not too complicated, and if my calculations are correct, this addition would make Industrial-Craft just a little more HAYO-ish!
    So, without further ado, let's get to the point:

    First of all, this is an idea for the Nuclear Science branch of the mod. The idea is, that the entire reactor system can be re-written to allow reactors that have more world-block components, other than the Core and additional chambers.

    >The main reactor-generator device would be replaced with a new block: the Reactor Core. This block has a 3x3 grid inside, each slot capable of holding only a variant of Uranium cells. It must have at least two sides uncovered - one to allow a current-carrying cable to be connected to it, and the other one for ANY form of redstone signalling device to be connected to it, to activate the entire reactor. The same idea of cells next to cells generating power exponentially still applies, and same for Heat. There is no way to cool the core from the inside, and all heat generated goes directly into the hull, and then it will explode in much the same way that Reactors do now - unless there happens to be at least one Cooling block next to the core:

    >To give a way to cool down the reactor core(s), there would be another block that must be placed adjacent to any of the core blocks present - the Cooling block. This block has a 3x3 grid that can store Heat Vents, and only Heat Vents. Any heat that comes from a Reactor Core directly next to it, instead of going into the hull, will go directly to the hull of this block. The Heat Vents all still behave the same way as they do now, but there are no component vents, and they only vent heat from the hull of the cooling block. Heat vents would now work like a ''tier''-based system, where the next tier cools more heat. But, if there is not enough cooling vents inside the Cooling block, it will slowly build up heat in it's hull - having the same environmental effects as a Reactor does now, aside from the fact that when it reaches 10,000 heat, it will turn into lava, instead of exploding. These blocks can also hold condensators, which ast the same as they do now.

    >Also, an upgraded version of the Cooling block would be available, that can be configured via an internal GUI to keep the Reactor Core at one constant Heat level, if the heat vents can vent off the same level of heat, or more, that the reactor produces. To explain this simpler - if the reactor generates 8 heat/tick, and the Advanced Cooling block can vent up to 16 heat/tick, it will let the reactor heat up to the specified temperature, and then will only vent 8 heat/tick, to keep the Core at the specified temperature. If the reactor produces 24 heat/tick, and the Advanced Cooling block only vents 16 heat/tick, the Advanced Cooling block will slowly heat up from the leftover heat, until it melts.

    >The final block in this suggestion, is the Heat Exchanger Block. This block is capable of absorbing all heat from an adjacent Reactor Core, and moving it to any adjacent Cooling Blocks, Advanced Cooling Blocks, and other Heat Exchanger blocks. This way, you can have a reactor filled completely with Quad Uranium Cells, and have a massive Heat Exchanger grid that disperses all of the heat generated, to produce (insert really big, non-comprehensible number here) EUs! However - all of that grid would require (insert yet another really big, non-comprehensible number here) of all of the resources needed to make all of those very advanced, high-tech devices used to make these very advanced pieces of technology.

    Now, you may wonder, ''Why would this be better than the Reactor system we already have?'' or ''How would this be useful?'', or something like that. Well, to answer that:

    1. A basic nuclear reactor, currently can serve as an expensive replacement to the standard Generator, that might explode if you don't put some stuff in the right places inside it. Even as HAYO-ish as that may seem, it is a little bit overpowered. It would be a lot more balanced if someone had to make a Reactor core and a few Cooling blocks, then place those in a facility with pretty strong walls, hook everything up, and turn it on, to start harnessing the power of Nuclear Fission.

    2. It may seem a lot more HAYO-ish, to build a massive replica of the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, built to produce the extreme amount of EU required to power all of the ore processors, smelteries, mass fabricators, and other misc. EU-hungry machines you have in the massive complex, then fly above your creation with Electric Jetpacks and Iridium-plated Armor, and watch the rest of the world burn - knowing that anything is possible from that point on, because you have everything you need to do anything you want, and all of the EU required to make it happen.

    So, now that everything is explained, I ask you to please give your opinion about my idea. Tell me, and the rest of the Industrial Community, if you like it, and what might make it better. Let me know, so that I can re-write anything in the idea that may be confusing, balance out parts of the idea, and add/remove other stuff. And let everyone else know, so that someday, Alblaka might consider some of this, and hopefully add it to Industrial-Craft.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this suggestion.

  • It's an interesting idea, but it's also a massive change to the nuclear system, and we just recently had one of those. Do I understand correctly that you effectively want to replace the current system that's happening all in one block with one where all the reactor components are different blocks?

  • One thing I hate is the fact that the Reactor Core in your suggestion can take power only from a lever or a RP2 wire. So no computercraft systems, advanced vanilla redstone shutoff systems when RP2 is not updated?

  • Yea, its nice and HAYOish! You should change only one thing (mentioned before) - powering not only by RP and a lever, but normal redstone too.

    Yes, we have changed nuclear system recently, but it isnt good (or HAYOish) enough.

  • Yea, its nice and HAYOish! You should change only one thing (mentioned before) - powering not only by RP and a lever, but normal redstone too.

    Yes, we have changed nuclear system recently, but it isnt good (or HAYOish) enough.

    Yeah, well I didn't really clarify that correctly. That was a problem on my part. I'll change it to state that /any/ redstone signal received will activate it.