Usage of IC2 in a modpack, requesting permission. directed at RichardG

  • I would like to use IC2 in my modpack, "BTTPACK", and distribute it by dropbox download links.

    I would like permission to do this. I am asking for permission, because I want my modpack to be Better Than Technicpack.(b.t.t.)

    I simply want you to allow me to use this mod for my modpack.

    I also have just about every other major mod and addon for those mods. it will be a pretty big pack.

    thank you for your time.


    The only thing ive not used in your mod, is the canning machine.

    I just cant find a practical use for it on my local server.
    (a local server that i host in a nearby coffee shop, on a desktop with 8GB ram, 3.24GHZ processor, and a 2GB video card. i charge people $5 per hour to play on it :D)

    this is my setup, from north to south.

    :Geothermal Generator:

    :Glass Fibre: :Geothermal Generator:

    :Glass Fibre: :Geothermal Generator: :Induction Furnace: :Induction Furnace: :Induction Furnace: :Induction Furnace: :Induction Furnace: :Macerator: :Macerator: :Macerator: :Macerator: :Compressor: :Extractor: :Teleporter: :Recycler: :Recycler: MinecraftChar
    :Batbox: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :Reactor: :Batpack:

    Ive also got snykes transformers, and atomic strykers advanced machines in there. the space above the induction furnaces are all rotary macerators, and the space to the right of the teleporter, is a centrifuge extractor.

    This is also, the shared resource room.

    It makes roughly 20 diamonds an hour, from UU matter and coal.
    the row infront of this is just all recyclers, and a mass fab.

  • First thing and foremost:

    • Welcome to the IC2 forums!
    • The leader of the team is Alblaka, and RichardG is merely his right-hand man (I think Alblaka has been busy recently, he's not been on the forums for sometime (unless there has been a coup d'etat that I missed?))
    • The canning machine has been made obsolete ever since zombie flesh and spider eyes cannot be purified through canning.
  • Just so you know, this thread is unnecessary, try reading this

    Is the answer to this question no?


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