Where can I find post about what cause lag?

  • If anyone can help me. I can't find what I'm looking for. We're running FTB with all the 90 something mods on it. Our guy who runs the server says flowing lava and water causes all the lag. We have about 6 people who play, most are paired up to work together. If there is a post on this already, I'd be grateful if you could point it out to me.

  • thanks, but according to the information, we're still running 1.4.7 minecraft and FTB unltimate 1.1.2. His server is also a dual core with XP 64 bit and java 6 64bit. Is there any updates we need to do that will also help with this?

  • In 1.47 water/lava updates caused massive spikes in server tick.

    But those were quite short lived (under minute usually). And were always caused by player removing a water/lava source from high up. (in quarry generally)

    Just your normal flowing liquid didn't cause any abnormal amount of lag. even if it was high waterfall etc.

    You are btw not specifying if your lag is fps lag or high server tick time.

    fps lag I had so bad during 1.47 that I had to split my base up in smaller sections that were over 200m apart. (mostly caused by lots of engines)

  • Apologies. It's not FPS lag. Our issue begins after about 3 to 4 hours with 6 people on we start having block lag. You bust a block 3 to 5 times before it finally vanishes. Same thing with accessing machines, chest, etc, takes about 2 to 3 seconds to open. Once he restarts, things are ok for a short while. He says the resources on his server are like 60 percent free most times. This lag is present for everyone on the server, not just me. He wants us to stop all flowing water and lava we come across. So I guess that would be server tick time? My FPS is perfect unless I go to the netherworld, then sometimes it drops to about 2 to 3 for about 2 seconds then returns to normal. Thats my only FPS issue.

  • We have the same issues on our server. We also have block-lag and is it IC2 for sure (since new Open Beta Version, rollback didn't help).
    When we deactivate Ic2 its all fine.

  • I also have the problem when in download the server map and play it in singleplayer - lags like hell, CPU has way more power than the server. We just upgraded IC2 not Forge, but i will give it a try (again).

    I'll send you our serverworld via PN, Greg. When you have time and interest maybe you can help us and/or make some suggestions to fix - would really appreciate that.