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    For me, it is very situational. It mainly depends on the mods at my disposal. If I have thermal expansion, I completely skip building a generator (operating in the world) because a pulverizer can make coal dust. If I have compact solars or advanced solars, then I primarily focus on solar with geothermal backing up uu-matter production until I have sufficient solars. If additional buildcraft pipes are avilable or a combination of railcraft and mystcraft, I pump the neather dry until I have massive multi-chuk solar farms. I tend to avoid Nuclear options because they are extreamvly resource intensive early on

    I feel like an idiot for asking this, but I don't seem to understand the advanced cube. I understand that it is essentially a cube where one can tweak the dimension of the cube, but no matter what, the projector is always touching a wall for me. Is there anyway to fix this? For the build I am doing, I would like to have the force field projector in the more or less center of the rectangle, but still have the custom lengths. Help please. Also, what is the purpose of strength modules in sphere, I see little difference.

    Does the 1.7 version work with Minecraft 1.4.6? It is unclear in the op. I tries installing 1.7 into my client and I get and error starting with:

    cpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: G
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.LoadController.transition(
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.Loader.initializeMods(
    at cpw.mods.fml.client.FMLClientHandler.finishMinecraftLoading

    go view the picture for my crippling bug. The rotary macerator is attached to nothing. I put a stack of cobble in it FIRST, and then a fully charged battery in the battery slot. It tries to process 1 cobble, but stops receiving power from the battery one the processing starts. Please help, this bug will completely kill my logistic factory :(

    edit: a transformer upgrade fixes the problem.... but this is for a regular tier 1 battery...
    Edit 2: apparently, the transformer has some weird bug where you need +1 transformer upgrades for the machine to accept power from batteries (ie 2 for mv energy crystal instead of 1, 3 for a lapitron crystal or hv energy instead of 2)

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    Terra wart
    More like RedWheat/Ferrulea ... but it's meant not to be UUMable. Because it's supposed to be a fun endgame content.

    At that point, I have uu matter coming out of .....
    yeah, and I would just pay someone on the server to give me some for an insane amount of uu.

    I can see a gentleman's battle when I see one, but keep it civil.

    yes, Greg can act a bit... immature at times... but you need to respect his knowledge of coding
    Greg, this form is for suggesting ideas to the original mod. You have little to no jurisdiction to core mod changes. Do whatever you want in your mod. Let the official developers decide on the value of the ideas. Besides, Feintheart has at lest done an amazing job to be flexible and detailed with his ideas

    I personally have a strong dislike of Greg's mod and will avoid using it if possible. Stop saying you mod is the "perfect answer" and steers industrial craft toward a better future. Some of us don't want to use your mod and want to make changes everyone will appreciate to the core mod that everyone can enjoy

    I have to say I love this mod.

    One question/suggest is that for the advanced cube, the force field is always on the side. I believe that it should be renamed to Rectangular field. Also, the field modulator distance should be allowed for this projector module which would make the force field lower in perspective to the top face of the projector. This would allow for rectangular fields with more option on where the projector could be. It is just a thought

    I love this mod to death, it makes industrial-craft so much simpler, but like above posts:
    1) I can't place levers on the machines (Specifically shift-click still opens the machine, it doesn't for vanilla Ic2 and other mod blocks)
    2) These machines will inconsistently accept power from batteries (some times they will, some times they won't, sometimes for a split second)

    I have to say that I love this mod. I adds necessary components that make managing electrical items in one's inventory a breeze. The addition of the storage monitor was perfect for me and easily allowed me to prevent huge amounts of energy losses (like auto turning off items when power was near 90% or sending power to my mass fabricator :Matter: only when the mfsu is 99 percent full). Terrific job! :thumbup:

    My only suggestion is more or an addition that would fit. Could you add an item called (or similar to) the Portable Dis-charger Station. It would be a item that only functions in an inventory. When right clicked, it would open a GUI with 2 slots. The first slot would be for any charging bench component kit. Only placed, the device would gain a max internal storage relevant to the component kit. The second slot would open, in which it would drain power from items to put towards its internal battery. The function of the the item would be simple. When turned on (maybe shift+right click like the electric wrench to change modes) It will constantly try and recharge all items in your inventory (including armor) through the internal storage. It is just a thought, and it would save players a chest slot, allowing them to wear full quantum armor (or a jet pack) and still use "low internal energy storage items", such as the drill. :Diamond Drill:

    Okay, what does solar have to do with BC? And dont say Autoproduction, as there are at least 3 Mods out there, which can do that.

    Solar panel linked to mass fab, mass fab being emptied into some sort of chest be either buildcraft, redpower, or other mod. ( I used buildcraft because that is what I see most often). Assuming most servers run 24/7, that is free uu-matter constantly being produced while you don't even need to be on the server

    I assume you mean Extra bees. Last I checked, the mod was fairly broken, the wiki nonexestant, and bees being unable to make pumpkins, melons, nor Lilly-pads directly or propagate them like flowers