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    I have an aerial platform that utilizes 9 hv solars to fill 32 mfsu's which power a charging benchm send lapo's through it with the help of ender chests, and if two of the mfsus on the outside read full, then two massfabs will run a cycle to use some of the extra eu. This system powers a couple rather large bases on my server.

    As a result of nuclear explosion, random placement of fallout debris can be place and have the similar effect on par with cactus where you take damage if you try to touch it, either a single block or even like mats such as sticky resin. and can only be removed by some new tool, "39 and a half foot pole" or whatever hayoish equivalence.

    I feel as it is appropriatedly named due to its Russian sense of character, having a wood sensor to turn the reactor off in case of melt down IF THE LOG IS BURNING.

    Agree with all, but the purple fancy Block. Its just too "strange" to place UUM.

    Compress the block then throw it in the center of reinforced glass and you could have a "cased" UUM block placed in a vacuum, maybe with a tinge of light equivalent to a redstone torch.

    Righto, working on a new design, little broader, forgot about relays, but i agree about the bottlenecking issues, and the system is made so you can add more machines for whatever the cause. I like to feed in whole chests of ores at once so processing power for me is a must and i am not a patient man to start off with. Will post new pictures once all the pieces are made.

    Was looking for a way to make use of the resources i had and wanted a faster smarter better system, so i got hands deep in RP2, made miles of mag tubes, so many accelerators that would make the LHC blush, and assortment of machines, and came up with a modular system for sorting and auto machining.
    Version 3
    After trials and pure ingenius, i have produced a new modular form that utilizes retrievers, less space and materials.